Women at Work: Lauren Liss on Purpose and Leading Boldly

Lauren Liss, Managing Vice President at Capital One, speaks with BOSS host Ali Levitan about loss, purpose, and leading boldly

Lauren Liss loves to get sh*t done. She’s a problem solver, a mom, a listener, a woman who’s experienced devastating loss, and more – and she’s here to tell her story so that others can open up and safely share their stories.

During Women’s History Month and throughout the year, we’re proud to elevate the voices of the women at Capital One who are making their mark. 

Lauren Liss, Managing Vice President of Premium Products, Rewards and Partnerships at Capital One, recently sat down for a virtual chat with BOSS host Ali Levitan. The conversation reveals lessons on how we can live, parent, work, and lead more boldly.

Click here to watch the full interview between BOSS host Ali Levitan and Capital One’s Lauren Liss on LinkedIn.

Lauren's Journey to Leadership

Over the past 20 years I've been fortunate enough to work exceptional people and brands at Deloitte, American Express, and now Capital One. I've gained experience across a variety of areas and consider myself pretty fungible as I've led teams across strategy, business development, partnerships, product, and marketing.

I really enjoy problem solving, which starts with listening to the customer, coming up with a solution, and working with a cross-functional team to bring that solution to life. I’m passionate about mentoring other women, helping pave the path for their continued success.

The past four years at Capital One have been incredibly rewarding. From launching a breakthrough rewards card like Savor in 2018, to the continued evolution of the Venture product and bringing innovative industry first partnerships with companies such as Uber, Hotels.com, Resy, and Spotify – I am proud to have led teams that delivered exceptional experiences for our customers.

Speaking Up, Being Bold, and Surrounding Yourself with More Than “Yes People”

My experiences have taught me to always have a voice, to think big and be bold and assertive as a leader. Leadership to me is about igniting and embracing the best in people, listening for unique perspectives and delivering with flawless execution.

These principles have shaped my professional journey and given me the opportunity to contribute a unique perspective in my current role leading strategy for Capital One’s Consumer Card products including Savor, Venture and Quicksilver.

Throughout my journey, it’s been important for me to be surrounded by people who are also passionate about what they do and creating inclusive environments and teams. I’ve created a network of people with diverse passions and backgrounds. 

They support me and I support them – and they are not just "yes people", but people that call each other out and always tell the truth. 

Becoming a Mom 

Outside of the office, I am a mom to my 6 – she'd kill me if I didn't say almost 7 – year-old daughter Sam, and a 9-month-old baby named Henry. My journey to becoming a mom has not always been easy, I’ve experienced multiple pregnancy losses. It’s not easy to talk about, but my goal is to continue to support and help others who’ve experienced this type of loss, as they cope and heal. I’ve found that my experiences with loss have helped shape my purpose as a leader.

Being a Working Mom Through the Pandemic

One of the most important things leaders can do is raise their voice and help spread awareness for the need for immediate and long-term childcare infrastructure and more progressive work-family policies. And companies can invest more to build new and varied skills for women who left the workforce and are finding their path back into the workforce.  

On the Future as a Mom and Leader

One thing that has changed me over the past couple years has been my experience going through multiple pregnancy losses. Once I opened up and shared my story, I was shocked by how many women have experienced infertility and pregnancy loss, and how many of them suffer silently every day. 

One of the areas I feel most passionate about is encouraging dialogue and sharing our personal stories. I think it will help all of us feel less alone. The experience made me realize that you don’t know what folks are going through behind closed doors, or that videoconferencing camera. By being vulnerable as a leader, I hope to continue to create a safe place for others to share their stories. 

Click here to watch the full interview between BOSS host Ali Levitan and Capital One’s Lauren Liss on LinkedIn.

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