A Message from Rich Fairbank, Chairman and CEO

Read a message sent to associates from Capital One's Chairman and CEO about our commitment to racial equality and justice

Recent events in America are a sobering reminder of our country’s long and troubled history of racial inequality and injustice. And how these issues can linger, simmer, and boil over—into our hearts and onto our streets. The images and stories that fill our phones and TV screens are heartbreaking, leaving us sad, frustrated, or angry. We know that many in our community, including many of our Black associates, are hurting deeply. 

It is often easier and more convenient to avoid uncomfortable conversations on race, justice, and equality. Thank you to those who have shared with me personally your emotions and your struggles over the past few days. And I am grateful to all of you who have stepped up to have difficult conversations or share your feelings with each other. We must seek to walk in the shoes of others. Acknowledging the pain being felt today by our colleagues and fellow citizens is vital. And creating the space and grace to listen, and to live our values actively and without judgment, is more important now than ever.

At Capital One, we reject racism in all its forms. From our founding days, we have been committed to the dignity, respect, and inclusion of every associate. And to unleashing every person’s talents and potential—no matter their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity, age, disability, or background. We have built a company that endeavors to be a welcoming and inspiring place for all. We seek and embrace diversity. We are committed to having a workforce that is representative of America. And I am hopeful that together we can harness the sadness, anger, and energy of these difficult times to elevate the discussion, drive positive change, and create a greater sense of shared purpose and understanding.

I wish you and your loved ones health and strength in these challenging times. And thank you for making Capital One a special place for each of us to work, to be ourselves, and to succeed.