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Award–Winning Innovation

Spark Pay from Capital One® was named “Overall Most Innovative” in the 2014 Monarch Innovation Awards.

There are no viewing parties. There isn’t even a red carpet. But winning a Monarch is still a pretty big deal—only the newest and most innovative business banking products are able to win. And when you sign up for Spark Pay, you’ll win too.

For more information about the Monarch Awards, click here.

Get Back to What you Love Most About Your Business

Chances are, you didn't get into business for the "business" stuff. You did it to create some THING. Something of value, or interest. Something that your customers could connect with, even depend on.

Spark Pay helps you better handle the "business" part of your business. Freeing you to get back to that THING you do (and love) best.

Pricing You Can Easily Understand

Say goodbye to confusing contracts and long-term commitments. Spark Pay® pricing is elegantly simple.

Just choose the plan that fits your business best.

Pro Plan
Best for businesses with high volumes of credit card transactions every month. You’ll pay a small monthly fee, but spend less for individual transactions.

Go Plan
The ultimate in flexibility. You only pay for the transactions you run each month.

Spark Pay Pricing Table

Pro Plan 

 Go Plan 

Monthly Service Fee $19 $0 
Swiped Visa/MasterCard/Discover 1.99%  2.65%
Swiped American Express 2.80% 3.70%
Keyed in Transactions 2.80% 3.70%
Per Transaction Fee $0.05 $0.05

Everything You Need to Set Up Shop

Digital Register gets your counter up and running in just minutes. Not much techno-wizardry is required, either.

Customize our Digital Register with the components your business needs:
$499 - includes Star Micronics® Receipt Printer and an APG Cash Drawer® 
$599 - includes the printer and cash drawer, plus a stand for your iPad Air® or  iPad Air 2
$1,099 - includes all of the above, as well as a new iPad Air 2

Accept Payments Anywhere

The free Mobile Reader works with the Spark Pay app (also free) to allow you to take credit card payments on the go with your smartphone or tablet.

You can purchase additional readers for a nominal fee on the Hardware tab of the web app.

You can access the Spark Pay Merchant Program service after registering an account (”Spark Pay Merchant Program Account“). Credit qualifications and other conditions apply.

To register for Spark Pay Merchant Program you must be at least 18 year of age, have an address within the United States and have a valid checking account number and routing information linked to your Spark Pay Merchant Program Account.

Spark Pay Merchant Program transaction rates vary by card carrier and depend on the Spark Pay plan you are registered for (Go Plan or Pro Plan). The advertised rates of 2.65% and 1.99%, plus $0.05 per transaction, are the use charges on “card present” transactions on a Visa, MasterCard and Discover card, and apply per each swipe. Please see the chart above for a full breakdown of transaction rates. Rates current as of 10/28/2015 and may change at any time.

The Pro Plan monthly subscription fee is $19. We will charge your linked checking account within 30 days after you subscribe for the Pro Plan. Subscription fee will repeat every 30 days.

If your Spark Pay Merchant Program Account drops below $0, we will initiate a debit from your linked bank account to return your Spark Pay Merchant Program Account balance to $0. A Spark Pay Merchant Program Account can have a negative balance due to charge back (and associated fees) or the debit of the Pro Plan monthly subscription fee.

Your first mobile reader is at no cost to you.

There is no minimum number of transactions requirement to use the Spark Pay Merchant Program service. Maximum merchant transaction limits are based on your business profile; should you want to raise your Spark Pay maximum transaction limits, please refer to the FAQ page on

Synchronize Multiple Devices and Users, Inventory Management, Customized Receipts, Create Custom Promotions or Deals are not available if you use Spark Terminal to accept your payments.

Routine or unscheduled maintenance may impact accessibility.

To read the full terms and conditions, please see Spark Pay Merchant Program User Agreement.

The Digital Register includes APG Cash Drawer® Vasario™ model 1416 and a Star Micronics® TSP654IIE3 LAN Printer. A router (not included with purchase) is needed to operate the printer. The cash drawer requires the printer connection to operate. The Digital Register requires an iPad® or AndroidTM based tablet and the Spark Pay mobile app to use.

An iPad and an iPad Stand can be purchased with the Digital Register. The iPad is the Apple iPad Air® 2 Wi-Fi 16GB model. The iPad Stand is a Heckler Design WindFall® C iPad Air Stand and is compatible with both the iPad Air and iPad Air 2.

For hardware technical issues or returns, replacements, or refunds call 1-877-231-7547.

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