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Making a big life change? Feeling overwhelmed with your current financial situation? Or just a little stressed about money? See how Capital One Money Coaching can help you.

What Is Capital One Money Coaching?

We recognize that you have a relationship with your money—and, let's be honest, relationships take work. A Money Coach can help you take control of that relationship by zeroing in on what's really important, and helping you find new perspective and confidence.

Your Money Coach will guide you through several activities during up to three one-on-one sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes and is designed to get you one step closer to your goals.

Coaching is confidential and judgment free. Just bring yourself—no records or bank statements necessary.

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Session 1: Get Clarity

You’ll explore what matters to you, and where you want to go with your life and money.

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Session 2: Remove Roadblocks

You’ll uncover what’s weighing you down and keeping you from making changes.

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Session 3: Make a Plan

You’ll create a plan with your coach so you can do more to reach your goals.

Why Is Capital One Providing Money Coaching?

During our research, we went out and talked to lots of people in our communities. What we heard, over and over, is that money is really stressful and people don't know where or how to get help. If we can create ways for people to have healthier relationships with their money, we can also strengthen the communities we all live and work in. And, that's a win for everyone.

What Can You Expect?

You'll meet with your Money Coach in a Capital One Café private nook, where you can share as much, or as little as you want. Together you'll use thoughtfully designed tools to talk through your values, dreams, and challenges. Your coach will help you focus and prioritize the things that are most important to you. And, during your last session they'll help you design a plan to give you more control and confidence about your situation.

Who Are Our Money Coaches?

Our Money Coaches serve their communities in Austin, Boston, Denver, Glendale, Richmond, and San Francisco (more to come – stay tuned!). They're all certified coaches who we’ve trained in our Money Coaching program. They share our passion for helping people better their lives, and are excited about the opportunity to create a personalized experience for you.


Certified Financial Planner®

Certified Money Coach (CMC)

California Institute of Integral Studies, Master's in East-West Psychology

Megan's long-term partnerships with Senior VPs at major banks had her managing millions in client assets, but she also found herself managing her client's fears, greed and negative beliefs around money. This realization led Megan to develop a more holistic practice to help people connect to their money. When Megan's not busy coaching, you can find her with headphones on "walk-dancing" through the Redwood trees of Golden Gate Park.


Salem State University, BS in Business Education, Minor in Accounting & Management

Professional Coach (Coaches Training Institute)

Lisa loves getting to the heart of the matter. During her 20-year career, Lisa has taught business and personal growth courses, and consulted with multinational organizations to coach all levels of leadership on career transitions, life changes and more. When she is not coaching, you can find her creating and living inside of peaceful spaces at home in the Boston Area or in distant, beautiful lands.


University of Kansas, BA in English Literature

Professional Coach (Coaches Training Institute)

During Amanda's years in healthcare IT consulting, she often found herself counseling doctors through the emotional challenges that come with change. This has enhanced Amanda's coaching practice as she helps clients access their inner resourcefulness, overcome fears and tackle challenges from new perspectives. When Amanda is not coaching you will find her organizing entrepreneurship events or hiking, biking, and paddle boarding with her pup, Roxie.


Professional Coach (IFC)

Occidental College, BA in Psychology

Alene works with her clients to cut through the noise, get back to what matters, and build the life they want to live.  This starts with clarifying clients' compelling vision, helping them recognize and live in conscious choice, and experiencing each moment fully before moving on to the next.  When she’s not calling forth greatness in others, Alene is an avid traveler and searches for the world’s best huevos rancheros.

Jo Anne

Associate Certified Coach, Professional Coach (ICF)

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, MBA

California State University, Los Angeles, MA Exercise Science/Speech Communication 

While Jo Anne formed and led an elite Customer Experience Team for a tech company, she noticed that she was most energized and challenged when she was helping others identify and navigate a path to their dreams. This realization led her down a path to become a Professional Certified Coach who thrives when she witnesses people make connections and take actions toward the life they truly want to live! Jo Anne is a California native who loves water sports, sunshine, animals, self-expression and continuous personal growth and transformation!


University of Richmond, BA in Information Systems Management 

Certified Ontological Coach (Newfield Network) 

Professional Coach (ICF)

Carmen’s background in IT leadership for financial services companies was her jumping off point into professional and personal leadership coaching. Working small businesses, community leaders and women and family networks she cultivates authenticity in leadership and relationships. Coaching helps clients break through barriers of fear and self-doubt and write their own personal success stories. When not coaching, Carmen is raising three little humans, evangelizing health and fitness, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.


Texas A&M University, BA German

Texas A&M , MBA

Professional Coach (ICF)

After years of focus in neurology and amassing the highest levels of corporate achievement, Amy followed her true passion and gift for empowering others as a life coach. As a coach, Amy uses newest forms of neuroscience, stress management and goal setting to help clients integrate their goals, values and passions to THRIVE for a more fulfilled, abundant life. She is an avid reader, globe traveler and will dive in for every creative endeavor she can get her hands on!


B.A. in Liberal Arts

Certified Neuro Transformational Coach (CNTC)

The Leadership Circle Certified (TLCP)

Professional Coach (ICF)

Janaki is an accomplished Leadership, Career, and Life Coach with 10+ years of experience serving individuals and corporations globally, including the U.S., India, Canada, Nigeria, Fiji, UAE, and U.K. Janaki helps clients get clear on what they want, shift limiting beliefs, achieve their goals and live a happy and successful life. In her free time she meditates, volunteers, spends time in nature and is an excellent cook and photographer.

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