Upcoming Changes to Bill Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

Upcoming Changes to Bill Pay

Frequently Asked Questions

To improve your experience and expand options for managing your money, we will be updating our Bill Pay experience. Some enhancements in this update include a central hub to manage all your bills.


Bill Pay will be offline and temporarily unavailable while we switch over to the updated experience. Please note, payments scheduled to send during this downtime will be processed as usual. 


Do you need to pay a bill that's not already scheduled during this downtime? You can pay directly on the biller's website, by mail or give them a call.

What is changing in my Bill Pay experience?

Pay and manage all your bills in one place, with efficiency and ease.  

Your bill payment history will only be available in your checking account statement. In the future, you can find your past payments and filter by specific billers all through Bill Pay.

If you’d like to modify any of your scheduled bill payments, either a series of payments or a one-time payment, you’ll delete them and create new ones. Bill Pay will be updated later to allow you to edit your scheduled payments after they’re created.

Will I be notified if there are any issues caused by the update?

Yes, we're here to keep you in the loop. Look for an email and/or letter in the mail as well as messages in your account (look for the Bill Pay section) for any updates or issues with your scheduled payments.


We'll be communicating critical, time-sensitive information about your bill payments ahead of this update. The best way to stay informed is by going paperless. This allows us to message you through your designated email, capitalone.com and our mobile applications. To enroll in paperless communications follow these steps or call us at 1-800-655-2265.

Step 1: Sign in to capitalone.com
Step 2: Click on any of your open Capital One accounts
Step 3: Click “Account Services & Settings”
Step 4: Click “Paperless”

Please Note: You will be required to have a valid email address on file in order to enroll in paperless communications.

Can I schedule payments during the update?

No, so we want you to have the heads-up. That way you can plan to schedule payments before the update period or reach out to your biller directly during this downtime.

How will I track my payments during the update?

Bill Pay will be unavailable during the update. Our customer service team can answer any questions about your bill payment data. All previously scheduled payments will continue to be processed during the offline period. 

How do I keep payments on track after the update?

We will communicate any action needed from you. This may include adding your biller’s address. 

Who can I contact with questions about my payments during the update?

If you have questions feel free to call us at 800-655-2265, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET, 7 days a week. We’ll be happy to help you.

Do I need to take action to continue using Bill Pay after the update?

In most cases you will continue to pay your bills as you always have.

Will my existing bill pay information be available after the update?

We will work diligently to transfer existing billers, account information, and payment details to our updated experience. As we enhance the Bill Pay experience, there are new payment capabilities that may require you to provide more information about your biller accounts.


After the update, only billers you’ve engaged with in the past 2 years will be listed in your list of billers. This includes billers you’ve either made a payment to, billers with an active recurring payment series (or AutoPay) or billers with a pending payment at the moment of the update. All your other billers will not be listed in your list of billers after the update but you can add them again if you like. To keep billers you have not used in over two years, you can either schedule a payment, create a recurring payment series, enable eBills, or delete the biller and add them again before the update.

How do I cancel or stop a scheduled payment?

Customer Service is available at 800-655-2265, 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET, 7 days a week during the offline period to assist with viewing your payments. Please note previously sent payments or those already in processing status cannot be canceled. After the Bill Pay update, if your bill payment is still pending and has not started processing, you can cancel it by signing in to your Capital One account and selecting that payment in the “Scheduled payments” area above your “Billers” list and selecting “Cancel payment.”

How can I protect my account from fraud and scam?

Fraudsters may take this opportunity to pose as Capital One employees in an attempt to gain access to accounts. Please note that we will never reach out to you asking for sensitive information or asking you to send money to someone else or to yourself.

Data information and security

After migration, there may be some rare occasions in which certain special characters are no longer displayed as part of your biller’s name or nickname.
Please visit our account disclosures page here to learn more.

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