Resilience Reimagined: The Power of 10

In the wake of the pandemic, The Power of 10 is changing the restaurant industry

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, with thousands of restaurants closing and significant unemployment, Erik Bruner-Yang and his initiative, The Power of 10, are transforming the restaurant industry to support independently-owned restaurants and uplift communities. Capital One is proud to team up with The Power of 10, which continues to mobilize resilient restaurateurs, reemploy their staff, support local vendors and serve local neighborhoods. To date, The Power of 10 has delivered over 170,000 meals to frontline healthcare workers, older adults and other people in need. 

 “Small businesses are the backbone of America, and neighborhood restaurants are the anchors of every great community,” said Bruner-Yang. He believes restaurants know their neighborhoods better than anyone, and supporting them is the key to supporting their communities. With The Power of 10, he hopes to show that any restaurant in America can adopt his model – which employs 10 full-time staff members and makes 1,000 well-balanced meals for $10,000 a week – to sustain themselves through COVID-19.

Capital One is proud to support The Power of 10 as it breathes life into local economies by bolstering neighborhood businesses and helping the communities play a vital role in addressing the damages of COVID-19.

Capital One will continue to team up with people like Erik Bruner-Yang, who embody a resilient spirit, and are reimagining their industries and everyday norms  to create solutions that uplift people and preserve communities. It’s just one way that Capital One is reimagining the world to put people first.

Learn more about how to support The Power of 10.

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