AI & ML with Humans at the Center

We're focused on using AI in banking to improve our customers' lives.

We’re creating real-time, intelligent, automated customer experiences using artificial intelligence in financial services. From informing customers about unusual charges to answering their questions in real time, our applications of AI & ML are bringing humanity and simplicity to banking.

How We're Using AI and ML

Eno Intelligent Assistant

Learn how we built Eno's natural language processor in-house.

Virtual Card Numbers

See how our data scientists use ML to fight transaction fraud.

Computational Creativity

Read about how we're training AI to be creative and explainable.

AI and ML Priority Areas

Graph Machine Learning

Graph ML

Using ML on nodes and edges of financial networks to more accurately identify fraud

Natural Language Processing


Teaching intelligent assistants to understand and generate natural language

explainable AI

Explainable AI

Creating transparency and ensuring fairness through explaining ML models

anomaly detection in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Anomaly Detection

Identifying changes in data to protect customers and adapt to fluctuating environments

data and privacy in artificial intelligence and machine learning

Data and Privacy

Developing models and techniques for protecting sensitive customer data

machine learning at scale

ML at Scale

Building systems to scale the entire model building and deployment process

Featured Machine Learning Research

Embedding Card Transaction Graphs

A novel application of Graph ML to credit card transactions

Transformer Generated Dialogue

Meet DLGNet, a transformer-based model for dialogue modeling.

Global Explanations of Neural Nets

An approach for generating global attributions called GAM

Misspecification & Bayesian Bandits

How common misspecifications can lead to suboptimal rewards 


Working with Leading Universities to Advance AI

We partner with the nation’s top universities to further research on AI/ML explainability, fairness and ethics.


Here, there and everywhere

We're sponsoring and attending several AI and ML conferences. Check out where we'll be next.


Come Work with Us

Come help us change banking for good by using technology to serve our customers quicker and more easily than ever.

Featured Machine Learning Articles

Machine Learning

Imputing Merchant Industry Type in Customer Transaction Data

Industry codes are required in many financial models, how can machine learning help impute missing or incorrect codes?

Machine Learning

How to Fine-Tune Sentence-BERT for Question Answering

A simple tutorial on using the sentence-transformers library to fine-tune Sentence-BERT for question matching

Machine Learning

10 Common Machine Learning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Data, modeling, and process issues can hold your machine learning efforts back—but they don't have to

Machine Learning

Using Race Cars to Teach Machine Learning to Kids

Teaching real world lessons with the AWS DeepRacer