Ways to use your QuicksilverOne rewards

From statement credits to celebrations, learn a few ways to take advantage of all you’ve earned.

There are countless rewards cards available. But it can be difficult to figure out which card is the best fit for you and your family. Some cards limit where you can earn bonuses. Others have rotating rewards rates and categories. 

Those aren’t issues with QuicksilverOne from Capital One. It’s the cash-back card that lets you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day. No complications. And no limits. That means you earn as you spend, building up rewards while you do your day-to-day shopping and beyond.

And those rewards are yours to spend however you want—be it gas, gifts or groceries. However, the rewards could represent opportunities to spend some quality time with the family or be used for practical purposes like applying back to your balance. 

Here are a few ways you could take advantage of your QuicksilverOne rewards.

Apply to your balance

As you use your QuicksilverOne card—you earn cash-back rewards with every purchase. It could be tempting to put them toward the latest electronic device or a comfy new armchair. But there’s another admittedly less exciting option: Apply them to your card balance instead. 

This could come in the form of a statement credit, applying your rewards directly to your card balance. Or you can redeem on recent purchases—eliminating them from your upcoming bill.

Chipping away at your balance will not only feel great, but also it’ll free up money to use elsewhere—maybe an armchair isn’t out of the question. So take advantage of your rewards and imagine what you’ll be able to do with a little more room in your budget.

Set up an emergency fund

It’s never a bad move to save up for a rainy day. QuicksilverOne lets you redeem your rewards in the form of a check. So why not put that money aside to prepare for the unexpected? As you save each month, you’ll begin to build a financial cushion.

Life happens. But it can be comforting to know you’ll have an emergency fund available if your car breaks down, if there’s a disruption at work or if the dog requires a surprise trip to the vet.

Set up a celebration fund

If you redeem your rewards via check, emergencies aren’t the only things you can prepare for. Gift-giving holidays have a way of sneaking up on people. And sometimes special occasions come with expenses beyond a normal budget. 

Instead of scrambling for decor in December, rushing anniversary plans or skimping on birthday gifts, think ahead and use rewards to set up a fund for special occasions! Consider a few questions as you begin to budget:

  • How many people do you want to shop for? Are you buying for a few loved ones or do you like to give to friends, neighbors and co-workers too? 
  • What kind of gifts do you tend to give? Are you the type to go all out or give small, sentimental gifts they’ll cherish forever? 
  • Are you hosting dinner? What’s the menu look like? How many guests do you expect? Do you want to go nuts with tinsel, streamers and confetti?

Simplify gift giving

Want to skip all the planning and get right to the shopping? You can redeem your rewards for gift cards from retailers, restaurants, hotel chains and more.

Whether you’re in a pinch to find a gift for a co-worker’s baby shower or you want to surprise someone you love, a gift card can save you the stress of trying to find the perfect gift.

Have a friend who loves to eat out but doesn’t usually spoil herself? Surprise her with a gift card to a popular restaurant. Is your mom a total bookworm? Use your rewards on a bookstore gift card. There are dozens of options.

Get the gang together

Quality time with those you love is an essential part of life. Use the cash back you earned to plan fun bonding activities with your family or friends. Here are a few ways you could use your rewards to get the gang together:

  • Get your game on. Grab a few fun board games, order plenty of pizza and settle in for the night! There’s nothing like some friendly competition to bring the family together.
  • Catch the latest blockbuster. Grab some tickets for that movie you’ve been dying to see on the big screen. You can treat yourself to extra-buttery popcorn and malted milk balls.
  • Friends who cook together, stick together. There’s something warm and fuzzy about cooking and eating a meal together. Pick out a fun recipe, and use your rewards to go shopping together. Will it come out perfectly? Maybe. Maybe not. But you’ll certainly have fun along the way.

Get the most out of your rewards

The QuicksilverOne card gives you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day. And you can use your rewards flexibly, on everything from the practical to the pleasurable—plus you’ll have many of the Capital One benefits and features cardholders have come to expect.

Plus, QuicksilverOne cardholders earn unlimited 5% cash back on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel. And you can book a trip through Capital One Travel with your rewards, your QuicksilverOne card or a combination of both.

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