Capital One contributes Cloud Custodian to CNCF

Today marks an important milestone in Capital One’s tech transformation: Cloud Custodian, a project we launched in 2016, has been approved for contribution to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

Cloud Custodian is a rules engine that helps organizations define policies to better manage their cloud environments with automated governance, security, compliance and efficiency. What began as a Capital One owned project has blossomed into a remarkable collaboration between hundreds of developers, many of whom do not work for Capital One. This includes Kapil Thangavelu, the original developer who continues to lead the project. The project reached a level of community involvement and sophistication where we felt its future growth and optimal governance would be best served under an open source foundation like the CNCF.

The CNCF Sandbox is the entry point for early-stage projects and has four goals:

  • Encourage public visibility of experiments or other early work that can add value to the CNCF mission and build the ingredients of a successful incubation-level project
  • Facilitate alignment with existing projects if desired
  • Nurture projects
  • Remove possible legal and governance obstacles to adoption and contribution by ensuring all projects adhere to CNCF legal, code of conduct and IP Policy requirements

Open source software opens up the culture of continuous innovation that makes things better for our entire industry, and we take great pride in sharing the fruits of our labor with the open source community.

Why open source at Capital One

Open source software has changed how we think of culture, collaboration, partnership, community building, and how we hold discussions about development best practices. That’s why Capital One takes an open source-first approach to software development and participates in the open source community.

We’ve seen through our use of open source software that we are able to innovate more quickly by leveraging the talents of developer communities worldwide. We’ve also been able to influence the product roadmap by providing leadership in communities, and learn from a diverse pool of perspectives on programming and business problems. Moreover, we believe that software quality increases and risk is reduced when code is shared with an ecosystem of experts who can identify potential issues and create quick solutions.

Since making our first open source contribution in 2014, Capital One has launched more than 25 projects and made 1,500 contributions to approximately 100 different open source projects.

We look forward to continuing these contributions and seeing Cloud Custodian grow within the CNCF. You can learn more about our latest Open Source projects here.

John Mark Walker, Director, Open Source Program Office

John Mark Walker is the Director of the Open Source Program Office at Capital One. Before joining Capital One, John Mark was a long-time practitioner and advocate of open source collaboration, leading open source efforts at Red Hat, EMC, Gluster, Hyperic, and SourceForge.

Yes, We’re Open Source!

Learn more about how we make open source work in our highly regulated industry.

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