7 essential tips to help understand credit

Capital One Café Ambassadors help you navigate what goes into your score and what you can do to make sure it stays healthy.

What’s a credit score? What does it affect? Why does it change? When the topic of credit scores comes up, it always leads to lots of questions. Café Ambassadors like Matt can help you find the answers, and he has a cheat sheet to teach you the fundamentals of credit along with new skills to improve your score. His seven credit essentials give you the foundation for a healthy relationship with borrowing.

Looking for even more ways to take control of Your finances?

Capital One’s Money & Life Program provides one-on-one Mentoring, Self-Guided Exercises, and Online Workshops to help you dream, plan and achieve your financial goals. The program is flexible, available online or in our Cafés, and best of all, it’s free for everyone, whether you bank with Capital One or not. With a little support, you can balance your values and lifestyle with your aims for the future. 

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