Get Credit for TSA PreCheck and Global Entry With Venture

How to enjoy expedited security processes at the airport and receive up to $100 statement credit

Love to travel but don’t like waiting in line? Look no further than TSA PreCheck or Global Entry for international travel. And when you use your Venture card, you can get reimbursed up to $100.

What Are TSA PreCheck and Global Entry?

You walk into the airport, and the first thing you see is a long line. Sure, it’s daunting. But there’s a way to make it a little less stressful and take a little less time. And your Venture card can help.

TSA PreCheck and Global Entry can help you skip the longer line and move through the airport a little bit faster. You don’t have to take off your shoes and belt. Your electronics and toiletries can stay in your bag, too. TSA PreCheck applies to domestic travel at over 200 airports in the U.S. And Global Entry can save you time when you return to the U.S. from international destinations. 

If you decide to go with Global Entry, TSA PreCheck is included. There are a few steps you’ll have to take up front, but then you’re all set. For either service, you’ll need to pay a fee, fill out an application and schedule an in-person interview, which includes a background check. But after that, you’re clear for takeoff. 

How Does Venture Help?

If you’re a Capital One Venture cardholder, you can receive up to $100 statement credit on your application fee for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck. Simply use your Venture card to complete the application for either program, and then pay the fee. 

Within two billing cycles, Capital One will reimburse you for the application fee—up to $100—when you use your Venture card. Both services are valid for five years, and you’ll receive one statement credit per account every four years.

Keep in mind that your account must be open and in good standing when the credit is applied. Fees charged to a VentureOne card are not eligible. Only Venture cardholders are able to receive this credit. Always refer to your application or account terms for more details.

Ready to Apply?

If you’re ready for a trip but aren’t looking forward to long airport wait times, complete your application and make your appointment for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. Just make sure to use your Venture card when you pay your application fee.

Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to your next destination and avoiding some unwanted airport hassles.

We hope you found this helpful. Our content is not intended to provide legal, investment or financial advice or to indicate that a particular Capital One product or service is available or right for you. For specific advice about your unique circumstances, consider talking with a qualified professional.

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