Capital One's digital holiday shopping features

Forget Santa’s elves. These Capital One holiday shopping tools are the real holiday helpers this shopping season. With their help, you can find great deals, shop more securely online and save money through refunds, price matches and more. 

Keep reading to learn more about how these Capital One digital holiday shopping tools can help you—and your holiday budget.

Key takeaways

  • The free Capital One Shopping tool helps shoppers save through comparative pricing and automatically applying coupon codes at checkout.

  • Digital tools like Eno and the Capital One Mobile app make it easy to track spending and monitor your credit card activity during the holiday shopping season.

  • Virtual cards from Capital One add an extra layer of convenience to the online shopping experience.

Shop online with a virtual card

Access your virtual card within the Capital One Mobile app.

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Capital One digital holiday shopping tools to try

Capital One customers can take advantage of a number of digital tools designed to help them save money and stay safe while shopping online. 

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a free tool that helps you find the best price available for the things on your list. And you can save when you shop on your computer or on the go with our free mobile app. Once you download it to your device, you can use it to find free coupons at thousands of merchants, compare prices on specific items to help you find the best price online or set price drop alerts for items you want. Plus, you’ll earn Capital One shopping rewards on your eligible purchases, which you can redeem for gift cards.

Capital One Shopping is easy to use, and you don’t even have to be a Capital One customer to use it.1


Eno, Capital One’s virtual assistant, is a helpful tool to help you manage your holiday spending and keep your account secure throughout the busy shopping season. With Eno’s chat functionality, you can easily ask account-related questions, such as "What is my account balance?" and "How much available credit do I have?” and Eno will answer you in real time.

Eno can also notify you if it spots unusual activity on your credit card account, such as duplicate charges or overly generous tips.

Virtual cards

Virtual cards make online shopping easier all year round. Virtual cards give you a unique virtual card number that acts as a stand-in for your actual credit card number when you shop online. Not only does this save you from needing your physical card to check out, but it also helps keep your actual card number from being shared with the retailer.

You can access your virtual card through the Capital One Mobile app. Or you can generate virtual cards for specific stores using the Eno browser extension or Google PayTM. When you use virtual cards that are linked to your eligible rewards credit card accounts, you’ll still continue to earn rewards on your purchases.

The Capital One Mobile app

Capital One cardholders can enjoy easy access to their account information through the Capital One Mobile app. Simply sign in to see the current balances for your credit card or checking or savings accounts as you track your spending against your holiday budget.

You can also view all your account transactions for added peace of mind during the holiday shopping season. Rewards cardholders can also redeem the cash back or miles they earn on those holiday gift purchases.

Capital One digital holiday shopping tools in a nutshell

From price comparison tools to virtual cards, Capital One’s digital tools cater to holiday shopping and make it easier than ever to keep your account more secure while you take advantage of the great holiday sales. 

Looking for even more ways to add convenience and security to your holiday shopping? Discover how digital wallets can make your in-store purchases faster and more secure.

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