Ask Eno: 10 things your Capital One assistant can do for you

Learn how to text and chat with Eno to help you manage your credit card accounts easily and quickly.

If you’re a Capital One customer, you may have heard of Eno, your Capital One assistant. Eno’s job is pretty simple—make account management easier so you can spend more time doing the things you love. There are so many ways Eno can help you with your credit card accounts—and all you have to do is ask.  

It’s amazing how much time and effort a quick chat with Eno can save. Want an update on an account balance? Eno can pull it up in a flash. Need to make a payment? Eno’s got it covered. Oh, and Eno has a great sense of humor—go ahead and ask Eno to tell you a joke! 

Chatting with Eno is simple—you can text Eno directly or chat by logging in to your account via your desktop or the Capital One Mobile app. While you can ask Eno about all the items below via text, in the mobile app or online, it’s better to text Eno if you want quick answers about your account, while bigger tasks can be more easily resolved when you’re logged in to your account online or in the Capital One Mobile app. No matter how you prefer to engage, Eno is ready to help you 24/7, and you can even chat using shorthand words and/or emojis—no bank speak necessary. 

Text Eno for quick answers

Texting Eno is the best way to get quick answers about your accounts. There’s a lot Eno can tell you without the need to sign in to your account. Here are a few things Eno can do for you via text:  

  1. Account balance: Just text “account balance” (“bal” for shorthand) to Eno and Eno will give you the current balances of the accounts you have with Capital One. It’s that easy.
  2. Recent transactions: With Eno, checking your recent transactions is a snap. Text Eno “transactions” (“trans”) and choose which account you’d like to view. Eno will then show you a list of the most recent transactions for that account. 
  3. Available credit: Eno lets you check your credit line anytime, anywhere. Text Eno “available credit” (“cred”) to see both your credit limit and the amounts of available credit for your card accounts.
  4. Payment date: Eno can help make sure you always know when your payments are due. Just text “payment date” (“date”) to see your next payment dates—or text “pay” for a link to sign in and make a payment now. 

Ready to try texting with Eno? Simply text a command to 227-898 and Eno will respond. Just remember that in order to chat with Eno via text, you have to confirm your consent to receive text messages—which you can easily do by signing in to your Capital One account

Get it done fast with Eno in the mobile app or online

Need to update your account information or pay a bill? No problem! Eno makes it easy to handle many of your bigger account needs from one place. Here are just a few of the things Eno can help you do when you sign in to the Capital One Mobile app or online through our website:

  1. Pay a bill: You can pay your bill quickly and easily by simply typing “pay bill” (“bill”) to Eno. Eno will pull up your accounts and you can pick which one you’d like to pay. Just tell Eno the amount and you’re done.
  2. Activate a card: Want to activate a new card when it arrives? Eno can help you with that. Type “activate” (“act”) and Eno will pull up your card accounts. Then choose the card you want to activate and follow the steps to complete the process. 
  3. Lock or replace a card: Did something happen to your credit card? Eno’s got your back. Simply type “lock” and Eno will help you get the process started. If you need to replace your card, just type “replace” and let Eno know what happened. Eno will send you to the right place to get a replacement card on its way.
  4. Update personal info: Thanks to Eno, keeping your account info up to date is super easy. Type “update” and Eno will show you options for updating your personal details.
  5. Find account number: Eno can help you find the account number for any account you have with Capital One. Type “account number” and Eno will direct you to your account number in a flash.
  6. Add an authorized user: Want to add someone to your credit card account? Type “add user” and Eno will send you directly to where you can start the process. 

To get more done with Eno, simply log in to your account via your desktop or the Capital One Mobile app and click on the Eno icon. From there, you can chat with Eno 24/7 and get help with your accounts whenever you need it. 

Eno’s capabilities don’t stop here. There’s so much more Eno can do to help you manage your accounts with ease, like sending you useful insights, creating virtual card numbers when you shop online and reaching out if potential fraud is spotted. Go ahead and see for yourself how easy (and fun) it is to get your banking done with Eno by your side.

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