Employment credit checks

What can prospective employers see on your credit report?

When employers do a credit check, they might not see your credit score. But they may possibly obtain a report detailing your credit activity, personal information and public records. You may request a free credit report to make sure it’s free of errors that could potentially impact your job search.

What Employers Are Looking For


Name & address

This may let employers verify your identity as part of a background check.


Bankruptcies & liens

Some businesses may view signs of financial distress as a risk factor.


Employment history

Hiring managers are able to use this to confirm the information on your resumé.


Lines of Credit

Companies may be able to see any student or auto loans, mortgages or credit cards.


Understanding Why

Why do prospective employers do a credit check?

Some businesses may do a credit check to gain a clearer view of your creditworthiness. Additionally, companies may verify your personal information for security purposes. It may be possible for a job offer to be rescinded based on the results of a credit check. The Free Credit Report from CreditWise can help you understand your credit profile as you navigate job applications.


Employers typically need to obtain your written permission in order to check your credit.

When an employer obtains your credit report, it’s usually considered a “soft inquiry” or a “soft pull,” so it shouldn’t affect your credit score. 

Each employer may have their own criteria for evaluating credit reports. Unlike lenders, employers might not see your credit score, which doesn’t always accompany your credit report.

Not all employers use credit checks as part of their hiring process. For those that do, your credit history is typically only one of several important factors they may consider.

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