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Travel & Disputes

See your options for dealing with canceled or interrupted travel plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My travel plans have been canceled and the charges on my card have not been removed. What are my options?
    Working directly with the merchant is often the fastest way to resolve your dispute. Many travel providers are changing their policies to be more flexible due to recent travel restrictions, with some allowing you to change or cancel travel plans at no fee. For more information on your options, visit our Disputes Support Center.

  2. Because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, I filed a dispute on a travel charge. What happens now?
    It can take more than 50 days for Capital One to resolve a dispute with the merchant. If the merchant rejects the dispute, responsibility for the disputed amount is based primarily on the merchant’s policies and terms concerning refunds or cancellations.

    For example, if you purchased a non-refundable airline ticket, the airline’s policy might permit you to pay a cancellation fee in order to apply the remaining balance to a future flight. In that situation, you would likely be responsible for the disputed amount. If you are responsible, we will remove the temporary credit, and the original charge will be re-applied to your account.

    So what can you do if your credit is removed? We encourage you to reach back out to the merchant directly to see if they can help. For links to specific travel providers and more information on your options, visit our Disputes Support Center.

  3. I lost my dispute and am not happy with the outcome. What should I do? 
    If you lost your dispute, it is likely because the merchant declined the dispute per their terms and conditions. When that happens, we re-apply the disputed charge to your account and send a letter with details on why the merchant declined your dispute. After the charge has been re-applied to your account, Capital One ends the investigation and closes the case. If you would like to respond with new information, look to the letter we send you for instructions on whether you can continue your dispute.

    You can always reach out to the merchant directly to see what other options they have for you. Please visit our Disputes Support Center for more information and tips on working with merchants.

  4. What if I have upcoming travel booked through Capital One Travel?
    If you have already booked travel through capitalonetravel.com, we recommend starting with this Capital One guide for canceling and rebooking travel. You’ll get answers to basic questions and find details about how to request cancellations and make modifications, fee waivers and more. Many airlines will now allow you to self-service on their websites, even if you didn’t book your flight with them directly.

    If your trip is more than 3 days away and you want to cancel your flights, first try canceling online with our new self-service site. Once you sign in to capitalonetravel.com, navigate to the My Trips page and select the trip from your active reservations. Scroll down to your itinerary and check your current cancellation options—if you’re eligible, follow the instructions to request a cancellation online.

  5. Does my card have travel insurance?
    All our Capital One card benefits are available on our website. Some cards may have additional trip cancellation/interruption insurance through Visa or Mastercard, which may reimburse cardholders for unused, non-refundable portions of their purchase if the trip is cancelled or interrupted as the result of a covered accident or sickness of an immediate family member. We recommend you contact Visa or Mastercard directly.

  6. Can I currently book travel with Capital One?
    We encourage customers to review health and travel advisories issued by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), other government authorities and the World Health Organization, prior to booking any new trips. You can continue to book travel using your Capital One card and at capitalonetravel.com. While it’s possible to book travel through capitalonetravel.com, we’re unable to book international flights to a number of countries due to concerns over coronavirus (COVID-19).

    We’re continually monitoring CDC recommendations and U.S. government travel restrictions, and will update this information as new details emerge. For more detailed information about COVID-19 and country-specific travel restrictions, please visit the CDC at cdc.gov.

Last Updated 7/9/2020