Virtual Valentines

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with virtual valentines from Capital One Tech

It’s 2021 and even Valentine’s Day has gone virtual! So get out your crafting supplies and start decorating that inbox because we’re bringing back the old school card exchange--but with a cute twist. From our engineers to yours, here’s a series of tech-themed virtual valentines suitable for emailing, printing, sharing on social media, and even using as Zoom backgrounds!   

Binary Conversation Hearts

red and pink hearts with binary code written on them in red, white, and pink letters, in front of navy background with white thin stripes

Our heart is a Flutter, is yours? Share this with the developer or engineer who puts hearts - or 1s and 0s - in your eyes.

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I Can Hardly Contain My Love for You

white and pink text next to a large heart made of red and pink legos

Kubernetes? More like KUTErnetes. They’ve orchestrated their way into your heart, now show the whole world why your love can’t be contained. 

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You Make My Heart Go W-I-L-D

light blue and white text next to a blue animated gopher wearing heart sunglasses and holding a red heart

Go is boring but you’re not! Who’s the person that inspires you to write straightforward, readable, and maintainable code? Make them feel appreciated with this valentine.

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Let’s Take Our Relationship Public

white and pink text next to white clouds with white, pink, and red ombre hearts flowing out of them

You have us on cloud nine, so let’s tell the whole world that "you’re mine."

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About the Artist

These valentines were created by Capital One associate Kait Lagalante. Kait is based in DC and supports our Tech line of business. She is passionate about female empowerment, technology, equality, and animals. Kait firmly believes that when you can connect people through art, you can truly create magic. See more of her graphic design work on her personal website Metro Line Designs.

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