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Introducing a new way to seamlessly scale and manage Snowflake

The flexibility of Snowflake helps companies like Capital One unlock access to its data with performance that can scale instantly for concurrent workloads. But this can also create a unique challenge for organizations and users who are not proficient in cloud optimization. When LOBs manage their own compute requests and configuration, it can lead to unexpected costs. Enter Slingshot. 

We built Slingshot to streamline our Snowflake provisioning processes. It has evolved into a solution that creates efficiencies through proactive alerts and recommendations, provides detailed visibility into cost drivers and adheres to governance requirements. And now, we’re making Slingshot available to companies facing similar challenges.

Slingshot helps businesses:

  • Manage costs through intelligent cost savings recommendations and dashboards to monitor warehouse performance 
  • Gain insights and visibility into important changes to Snowflake costs & usage through proactive alerts
  • Federate warehouse administration to lines of business to remove bottlenecks and scale without exponential cloud spend
  • Automate governance using custom workflows, dynamic warehouse provisioning, and self-service capabilities

Watch this screen-by-screen breakdown of ways Slingshot helps manage data—from accelerating adoption of Snowflake’s platform and managing cloud costs to automating critical cloud governance with custom workflows and intuitive dashboards.

Our solution to better cloud data management can now be your solution. Learn more about Slingshot.

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