Double-check things In many cases, reported charges turn out to be legitimate charges that people simply don’t recognize or remember. Before you dispute a charge, do a quick double-check …

  • Check your receipts—it’s easy to confuse similar charges or forget about tips.
  • Look up the merchant’s name. In some cases, the description of the charge or merchant name may be different than what is on your receipt. (For example, some merchants are subsidiaries of larger companies, so you may see either of those names on the charge.)
  • Check with other people authorized to use the account to make sure they didn't make the charge.

If the transaction was not made by you or an authorized account user:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Click on the account the transaction occurred in.
  3. Click on the transaction you want to dispute.
  4. Click on “Report A Problem” to start the fraud reporting process.

Please Note: The transaction you want to file a fraud claim on must be posted before a claim can be initiated. If the transaction is still pending, and you suspect that someone has access to your account or debit details - please call us immediately at 1-888-464-0727.

To correct a problem with a transaction from a merchant that you recognize or have done business with, you may file a dispute.