Before you act

Check with authorized users
Another person authorized to use your account may have made the charge.
Review your receipts
It’s easy to confuse similar charges or forget about tips and adjustments to a bill.
Consider placeholder charges
Right merchant, wrong amount? The charge may change after it posts.

what to do

Dispute a charge

Do you recognize any details of this charge?

If the charge is from a known merchant you’ve done business with but the charge seems wrong, you can dispute the charge.

Report fraud

Do you believe your card information was stolen?

If the charge is unknown to you and any authorized users on your account, you can report fraud.

Scam education

Is there suspicious activity on your account?

Scammers use different tactics to get victims to fall for their schemes. Learn about the different scam tactics, and what to do if you suspect suspicious behavior.

Card tools

How we protect you