How to get to Manhattan from each of the 3 NYC airports

Explore transportation options and costs when traveling into Manhattan from New York City’s three airports.

Flying in for a visit to New York City? Whether you’re arriving at JFK, LaGuardia or Newark, there are a few options for your onward journey.

Each mode of transportation offers a different level of convenience and price. So you can choose to travel in comfort and luxury, or see New York through a local’s eyes. Before you travel, be sure to check the transportation service’s websites for the latest information on fares and schedules. Here are some of the best ways to get from any of the three major NYC airports into Manhattan.

How to get from JFK Airport to Manhattan

John F. Kennedy Airport isn’t as close to the city compared with other options, but it offers a few ways to get there.

  • AirTrain/subway: There’s no direct subway line from JFK to Manhattan, so you can hop on the AirTrain for $7.75 to either the Jamaica or Howard Beach stations in Queens, New York. From there, for $2.75, you can ride the subway to your destination.
  • Long Island Rail Road: You can ride the AirTrain to Jamaica Station and then take the Long Island Rail Road, or LIRR. Fares range between $12.25 and $18.50 for most riders. It’ll take you about 50 minutes to get from JFK into Manhattan using this option.
  • Taxi, Uber or Lyft: The trip with a taxi or another ride-hailing car can take more than an hour. Expect to pay $56.50 for a taxi—that’s $52 flat fare plus a $4.50 surcharge during peak times.
  • Bus: You could catch a bus into Manhattan from JFK, but you might have to wait for one that works for you. Plus, you could face delays during peak times. A bus trip can cost as little as $10, but it could take you up to two hours.

How to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Newark Liberty Airport is in New Jersey, but it’s less than 20 miles to get into New York City. If you’re flying into Newark, you can use these options for your Manhattan commute.

  • NJ Transit bus/Port Authority Trans-Hudson: The Port Authority Trans-Hudson is a rapid transit system that travels from northeastern New Jersey to Lower and Midtown Manhattan. From the airport, you can jump on a bus to Newark Penn Station and pick up the PATH into the World Trade Center. It’s $2.75 per ride on the PATH using your MetroCard—a fare payment card for subway or bus travel around the city.
  • AirTrain/NJ Transit train: A combination of the AirTrain and New Jersey Transit could be your quickest option and costs about $15. You can ride the AirTrain throughout Newark Liberty Airport Station and then transfer to NJ Transit to head into New York Penn Station, the last stop on the route. It should take a little less than an hour to get you from the airport into Manhattan.
  • Bus: There’s an NJ Transit bus option into Port Authority for about $10, and there’s an express bus into Grand Central Terminal for about $18.
  • Taxi and ride-hailing: Depending on your destination, you can expect to pay at least $50 from Newark to Manhattan. Fees for Uber and Lyft can vary based on demand and time of travel. You could see higher rates at peak times.

How to get from LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan

LaGuardia is in Queens, New York. It’s the closest airport to Midtown Manhattan, and it offers many options for getting into the city.

  • Subway or bus: You can take the subway or a bus (or a combination of both) from LaGuardia into Manhattan, depending on where you need to go. A bus or subway ride from LaGuardia will run you $2.75 with your MetroCard. 
  • Express shuttle bus: It costs about $16 to get from LaGuardia to Manhattan using the express shuttle bus, but it can take anywhere from one to two hours. The bus runs from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Taxi and ride-hailing: Getting a taxi or a similar ride could be more expensive, but it’ll cut down on your travel time compared to the express bus. You can get a taxi for about $40. That’s without adding in the cost of bridge tolls or of traveling during peak times.

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