Elevate the everyday: A curated bookshelf with Bobby Berk

Learn how to make a style statement by decluttering decor on your bookshelves.

Capital One wants to help you “Elevate The Everyday” so you can do more of what you enjoy—like adding some unique stylistic spins to your home. We’re bringing you personal hacks, tips and tricks for all the things you love doing—straight from the professional tastemakers and trendsetters filling your feed. 

Capital One presents Elevate The Everyday: Home Edition. It’s never been more important to love the space you’re in. That’s why we’ve teamed up with “Queer Eye” interior design expert Bobby Berk for a how-to on turning otherwise busy shelves into something a little more meaningful.

Today, Bobby shares his skillful styling expertise to help you elevate your bookshelves. He’ll demonstrate how decluttering and curating your bookshelves (and everything on them) creates a unique storage solution that also tells a story. 

A beautifully styled bookshelf.

Organize and declutter your bookshelf to turn it from a busy storage space to a stylized showpiece.

From cluttered to curated

Everyone wants a cohesive and styled bookshelf. But more often than not, it just ends up being a place to store all the stuff. In this video, Bobby will share how you can transform a bookshelf into a stylish centerpiece simply by using things you already own. That’s right, no trips to the store needed. From organization to telling a story through style, this video will help unclutter your shelf—and maybe your life.

See Bobby’s tips for styling a better bookshelf:

  • Create a blank slate. Seriously—take everything off. With a blank slate, it’ll be far easier to organize and figure out how to use your shelves more efficiently. Starting bare also means you can more thoughtfully curate your look.
  • You have all you need. Unlike other interior design tips, this one is easy because it uses things you already have. That means no running out for materials or supplies. You’ve got it all!
  • Sense your scale. Start with big objects, then medium, then small. This helps fill in the gaps while avoiding a cluttered look.
  • Use the “S” rule. The “S rule” is all about flow. Organize your objects so the eye flows from shelf to shelf in an “S” shape. 
  • Use baskets. Not only do baskets add additional texture, but they also double as storage solutions. Plus putting them on the top shelf will actually make your bookshelves look taller.
  • Tell your own story. Despite the name, bookshelves don’t have to be just for books. Use meaningful pictures and sentimental objects as decor to make your bookshelves feel more like “you” and tell a story. 

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