Wire transfer support

Learn more about wire transfers

Wire transfer support

Learn more about wire transfers

What do I need to know about wire transfers

Wire transfers allow you to send and receive large amounts of money quickly and securely. 

Use this guide to choose the right option for your needs. Keep in mind that these steps apply to personal bank accounts. The wire transfers process for small business and commercial accounts may differ.

Where you can send

Within the United States:  
You can send wire transfers by logging into your Capital One account and following the steps on our overview page

Individuals cannot send domestic wires through branch locations. 

Outside the United States: 
At this time, you can only send international wires through our branch locations. 


Not all account types are eligible. Please call 1-800-655-BANK for more information in regards to eligibility and requirements prior to visiting a branch location. 

Ways to send

The table below indicates sending fees, eligibility, and recipient types. You will need your mobile phone in order to authenticate.


Channel Fee Domestic wire eligible International wire eligible Eligible recipient types and daily limits
Online $30 Yes No
  • Title companies: $500,000
  • Any person or company: $50,000
  • External linked accounts : No limit
Phone $30 Yes No
  • Title companies: No limit
  • External linked accounts: No limit
Branch $40 No Yes
  • Any person or company: No Limit


Please keep the following in mind when preparing to send a wire transfer: 

  • In order to send a wire transfer to your external linked account, it must have been on file for at least 30 days prior. 

  • Not all account types are eligible for international wires with Capital One, please contact  1-800-655-BANK prior to visiting a branch location if you are a new sender. 

For both online and phone channels, the cutoff time for sending domestic wires is 2 pm ET. The cutoff time for international wire transfers is 3 pm ET. 

If you cannot access our website, or you are experiencing difficulties, you can call in for assistance. An associate can help you from 8 am ET to 5 pm ET Monday-Friday. 

When the wire will be received

Domestic Wire Transfers
The wire will be received by the recipient’s bank the same day, if requested by 2 pm ET Monday-Friday (except Federal holidays). If it’s requested after this time, it will be received by the recipient’s bank the next business day.

International Wire Transfers

International wires may take up to 10 business days to be deposited to the recipient's account

Receiving a wire transfer

If you’re receiving a wire transfer, the sending bank will be fully responsible for initiating the wire transfer and handling any serviceable issues.

For more information on how to receive a wire transfer, visit our overview page

Canceling a Wire Transfer

Domestic Wires 
Wires cannot be modified or canceled after they have been submitted. If you don’t recognize wire transfer activity on your account, please call us at  877-383-4802


International Wires 
There is a thirty minute hold period for international wires. If you need to cancel your transfer within this time period, you can call the Capital One branch you used to send the wire.

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