From travel miles to cash back and more, you can redeem credit card rewards in lots of ways. One cool option: turn them into gift cards that people can use just about anywhere. It's a simple way to be a hero at gift-giving time, even to the friends and family who are the hardest to shop for. And we all know a few of them, right? Check out the top 5 types of people who can make us dread buying gifts—gift cards are a perfect fit for each of them.

1. Your quirky aunt


Of course you love her, but between the cat obsession and a taste for sweater vests, there's almost no pleasing this one.

2. Your cranky coworker


After all the late nights and bad coffee at the office, he can find the dark side of any gift. Even homemade cookies are hopeless.

3. Your teenage niece


Remember when a teddy bear worked every time while she was little? Now her smartphone probably costs more than yours.

4. Your brother 3,000 miles away


Sure, you keep in touch. But you have no idea what he's into these days. And he hasn't read a comic book in 15 years.

5. Your hair stylist


Let's face it: the person who gives you the perfect haircut needs to be kept happy. You may want to think twice about the hand-knitted mittens.

Reward yourself with simpler gift giving

When it's time to buy a gift for that tough-to-please someone, a gift card is an easy way to put a smile on their face. And when you can make it happen by redeeming what you've earned with a rewards credit card, giving feels that much better.

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