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Virtual accounts mean your real
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Google PayTM and Capital One

Add Cards to Google Pay

Add your Capital One cards to Google Pay on your device. Need the Google Pay app? Go to the Google PlayTM store to download it now.

Pay with Google Pay

Check out quickly and more securely right from your device.

Manage your accounts

Use the Capital One Mobile app to manage your accounts on the go.

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Got questions about Google Pay?

We’ve got the answers.


    Google Pay is currently available for most Capital One credit and debit cards. It is not available for all partner cards, but can be used with your Sony and Playstation cards.

    You can use Google Pay wherever contactless cards are accepted. Google Pay does not currently work with traditional dip readers (e.g., gas station pumps). It can also be used in supported apps and on your Chrome mobile browser with participating merchants. The app is free to use.

    Yes, when you use Google Pay, you still have all the great Capital One benefits you normally do, including $0 Fraud Liability Coverage. If you normally earn rewards like miles or cash back on purchases with your Capital One card, you will continue to earn those rewards with Google Pay purchases.

    Google Pay is free to use. Be aware that charges from your mobile carrier may apply depending on your data plan.

    Google Pay is supported on most Android devices. Google Pay is not available for iOS devices.

    Visit the Google Pay support page.

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