Resilience Reimagined: stays true to its family heritage and values, supporting frontline workers, customers and community through COVID-19

For Jeff Braverman, CEO of, family has always been the backbone of his company. As a third-generation business owner, Braverman’s family business began as a nuts store in Newark, New Jersey. Since the late ‘60s, his dad and uncle worked at the store. Both still do. 

Braverman joined the family business in 2003 with a vision to transition the company into an online shop. The idea stuck – and so did the name. “And so, was born,” recalls Braverman. 

Over the years, has grown its product offering, reinforcing the slogan “we’re more than just nuts.” When browsing their online shop, you can find a plethora of pantry items – from pasta, to beans, peas and lentils, to dried fruit and beyond. It’s easy to see why is considered an essential business. Its expansive range of quality food items is combined with top-notch customer care. Whether you want one pound or 1,000 pounds, is there (and you can order online, by phone, or via fax or email!).

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., demand shot up as people began to stock up on food supplies and other necessities. To keep up with the mass orders, Braverman had to delegate efficiently and make some tough decisions. According to recent Capital One Business research, many small businesses have adapted their operations to not only remain open, but also to retain their employees. 

Even when 70% of his employees called in sick out of fear in the early days of the pandemic, Braverman jumped in for his team and his family. He worked over 100 hours a week, managing and doing manual labor – right in the trenches of his warehouse. He rallied his corporate team to come in and pack orders with him, implementing stringent safety measures in line with government guidance. Everybody was on the front lines, ensuring that customer orders would be met amidst an anxiety-ridden time. “I’d never ask someone to do something I wouldn’t do myself,” says Braverman. Working long nights wasn’t just a no-brainer. It was a must. 

The principle of remaining a family business is at the core of, and it has never been tested more than during these times. To Braverman, the definition of family extends to all, especially his employees. “I’ve been there since 1983. When you enjoy something, it’s not work,” says Luis Alves, Delivery Manager. Braverman prioritized employee safety above all, sending those who were able to safely come to work home with food staples for their families, while at-risk workers were asked to stay home to protect the team and their loved ones. They even sent every hospital in America a care package to thank our healthcare workers, an idea brought about by a employee and funded by his Spark Cash credit card rewards. 

“Small business is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and it’s an inspiration to see how business owners have pivoted to adapt to the impact of COVID-19 while keeping their teams on board,” said Brad Jiulianti, head of small business card at Capital One. “That grit is what drove us to launch Small Unites, to provide resources for small business owners and inspire consumers to support their local economy.” 

Small Unites is a national movement and advocacy program designed to rally consumers and communities across the country to champion the small businesses they love so that they can re-emerge and thrive in the ‘new normal.’ Founded by Capital One in partnership with Ogilvy,, HundredX and the National Urban League, Small Unites offers consumers easy ways to show their support by donating, shopping and sharing. Small business owners also get exclusive access to tools and resources to help them reach more customers, spark innovation and more.

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