Resilience Reimagined: Creative Theory

A D.C.-based Black-owned marketing agency is addressing the lack of minority representation in advertising head on

Many communities have been drastically affected by COVID-19, but according to statistics, the pandemic has hit Black and other marginalized communities the hardest. Creative Theory Agency, a Black-Owned, culture-focused marketing agency, took this as a call to uplift the D.C. community and provide a resource for those who needed it most.  

Creative Theory Agency was born when Gary Williams Jr. met his business partner Tamon George, both talented photographers, strategists, and storytellers. The two connected over a shared middle name, “Darnell,” and frustration from the lack of opportunities for Black people in media and marketing. They decided that if they weren’t being given opportunities in marketing, they’d have to create their own. So, they assembled a diverse team of multi-talented creatives, including brand manager Gerald Gordon, who helps to define the young agency’s essence.

"Creative Theory Agency was founded upon amplifying marginalized voices, and telling necessary stories that overturn common narratives,” says Gordon. “We believe representation matters, and our deepest hope is to create a more equitable society by helping people and brands understand who they are, so they can add to the conversation, not the noise."

Understanding from the very start that they needed to use their platform to speak for more than just themselves, every project Creative Theory Agency takes on creates opportunities for other Black creatives to tell stories that represent their community. Their new R-Mural Project does just that, with an art installation designed to both inspire our community through art and storytelling while offering tangible resources to those most affected by COVID-19. The mural, located off of 6th St. in Union Market also leads onlookers to a website that will share stories of resilience and resources to support the community.

Not every small business has the vision to reimagine the status quo and set their sights on a goal that is moving the world forward. Capital One is proud to do business with Creative Theory Agency, and we’re inspired by their continued efforts to tell much-needed stories that uplift people and their communities, and connect us all.

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