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Virtual Card Numbers

Take friction out of the online shopping experience with Virtual Card Numbers.

Customers are going to need to replace their cards, and that can nullify the payment method you have on file. Virtual Numbers can help eliminate that snag with a secure virtual number that's unique to your site.

Key Features

Virtual Cards

The virtual card is unique to each vendor, so even if they change their card number, their info is already on file with the merchant.

Reduce Friction

Secure, reliable payments that eliminate declined transactions resulting from card reissuance.

Activity Logging

When you store or delete a card in your system, that information is reported back to Capital One.


Use Case

New Customer Opt-In

Your new customer, who is also a Capital One cardholder, is ready to checkout from your web or mobile store for the first time. With the Virtual Card Numbers API you can easily create a virtual card number on their behalf with their consent. This will allow your customer to shop safely while minimizing your risk of spend disruptions.


Use Case

Existing Customer Enrollment

If you’re interested in ensuring that your customer’s payment experience isn’t disrupted due to card reissuance resulting from lost/stolen replacement and account data compromise, then the Virtual Card Numbers API will be for you. This API will allow you to request a virtual card number for your customers with their consent. Virtual card numbers make it easier to get and keep a payment method on file with a merchant.