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Your entire CI/CD pipeline made more intuitive, more accessible and more efficient.

Your software delivery pipeline needs end-to-end monitoring so you can see the health of your process. Hygieia's in-depth visualizations give you the data you need to make decisions that make a difference.

Key Features

Team Dashboard

Access work items, code repo, builds, quality items and deployments from an adaptive central dashboard.

Real-time Status

Monitor quality, productivity and work-in-progress while making adjustments mid-flow.

Configurable View

Customize the dashboard to display the widgets and workflows that matter most to each project.

Executive Dashboard

Manage and share access to the aggregated DevOps metrics you really need.


Use "star-ratings" to share performance feedback at the widget and team dashboard level.

Open Source

Hygieia's active community regularly collaborates on new features and tools.


Case Study

How Walmart Scaled Hygieia to 5,000+ Dashboards

Learn how the world’s largest retailer uses Hygieia to monitor and improve their CI/CD pipeline

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