Critical Stack was designed to help you with:

Security - Critical Stack includes tools that allow you to enforce common compliance and regulatory controls specifically around container execution, container networking, logging, Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and more. Best of all, these features are automated across the entire application lifecycle.

Orchestration - Create and deploy new services—from a fleet of web servers to a thousand-node Elasticsearch cluster—with the simple click of a button. Automatically scale up and down as your business needs change. You can rely on Critical Stack to handle resilience, failover, and updates ensuring the health of your environment in real time.

Performance - Automatically optimize the speed and performance of applications deployed on Critical Stack. Take full advantage of the shared resources of your environment to dynamically adjust as the needs of your applications shift.

Marketplace - Enable true innovation across the enterprise. Unleash the creativity of your developers, designers, and engineers. Deploy complex applications in seconds. Ensure apps are installed and configured correctly, operating optimally, and secure.