A container orchestration tool built for enterprises doing business in the most demanding regulatory environments.

Easier Kubernetes Orchestration: Create and deploy new services with a few simple clicks. Critical Stack’s intuitive interface gives you a comprehensive view of your entire environment.

Smooth Scaling: Spend more time on development and decision making and less on maintenance. Critical Stack helps you manage resilience, failover, and updates so you can focus on scaling productively.

Resource Management: Leverage the shared resources of your environment efficiently. Critical Stack dynamically adjusts resources as the needs of your containerized applications evolve.

Improved Governance: Enforce common compliance controls around container networking, Role Based Access Control, and more. Critical Stack implements policies and controls that you can configure.

Accelerated Development: Speed up development cycles and deploy complex applications. Critical Stack helps ensure your containerized applications are configured correctly and operating securely.

Application Lifecycle Management: Deploy approved applications confidently. Critical Stack cryptographically signs and verifies your configurations to guarantee your containerized applications are running according to your specifications throughout the application lifecycle.