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Critical Stack

The simple, secure container orchestration platform built for developers and the enterprise.
A container orchestration tool that eliminates the configuration challenges that come with containerized applications.

Key Features

Easier Container Orchestration

Create and deploy new services with a few simple clicks. Critical Stack’s intuitive interface gives you a comprehensive view of your entire environment.

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Smooth Scaling

Spend more time on development and decision making and less on maintenance. Critical Stack helps you manage resilience, failover, and updates so you can focus on scaling productively.

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Resource Management

Leverage the shared resources of your environment efficiently. Critical Stack dynamically adjusts resources as the needs of your containerized applications evolve.

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Improved Governance

Enforce common compliance controls around container networking, Role Based Access Control, and more. Critical Stack implements policies and controls that you can configure.

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Accelerated Development

Speed up development cycles and deploy complex applications. Critical Stack helps ensure your containerized applications are configured correctly and operating securely.

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management

Cryptographically sign and verify your configurations to guarantee your containerized applications run according to your specifications.

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