Simple, secure container orchestration

Deploy applications quickly and confidently with Critical Stack, the open source container orchestration tool from Capital One.

Critical Stack enforces the highest level of governance and security standards, enabling teams to efficiently scale containerized applications in the strictest environments.

Key Features

easier container orchestration icon

Easier Orchestration

View your entire environment and deploy new services with a few simple clicks.

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Smooth Scaling

Spend more time on development and decision making and less on maintenance.

intelligent resource distribution icon

Intelligent Distribution

Dynamically adjust shared resources of your environment efficiently.

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Improved Governance

Enforce container networking policies and controls that your teams can configure.

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Accelerated Development

Speed up development cycles and deployment of containerized applications.

verified application configuration icon

Verified Configuration

Guarantee containerized applications run according to your specifications.

Platform Owners

Transition to containers quickly and safely

Easily manage Kubernetes container orchestration. Critical Stack helps you create and deploy new services while enforcing common governance controls like container networking and Role Based Access Control.


Streamline application lifecycle management

Deploy containerized applications confidently. Critical Stack enables application verification and powerful orchestration capabilities for your important workloads.

Software Engineers

Easily manage Kubernetes deployments

Eliminate containerized application challenges. Critical Stack helps ensure applications are configured correctly, allowing you to focus on development.


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