Bank Account Starter

Allow your customers to securely open Capital One 360 Savings, Money Market and CD accounts seamlessly thru your app or site.

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Bank Account Starter API
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The Bank Account Starter API provides the ability to open a new 360 Savings Account, 360 Money Market Account, or 360 Certificate of Deposit (CD). Customers can apply for an individual account or a joint account (up to two applicants). And you have full control over how the application is presented. This API exposes the following key capabilities:

Retrieve account products and details — get a full list of all supported deposit products, their product IDs, and details for specific accounts.

Create new account application — submits an end-user’s application for a new 360 Savings Account, 360 Money Market Account, or 360 CD. This endpoint also provides the ability to fund the account instantly using ACH.

Retrieve/answer out of wallet questions — provides secondary validation for users whose identity needs additional verification using Capital One’s out-of-wallet capabilities.

Retrieve account application details — retrieves detailed information about an application.

Awards & Recognition

The future of developer technology is in API-driven web services, and Capital One's DevExchange is the clear leader in Finance APIs for finance web services. Capital One has always been a leader in financial innovation and they will always play a key role in the dev community!”

- Geoff Domoracki, CEO at API World

Use Case

Wedding Registries

Our Bank Account Starter API provides a simple, efficient way for your customers to open a savings account with their wedding registry that can act as a secure repository for monetary contributions. No matter what the couple wants to spend that money on (like a new blender, a honeymoon treat, or next month’s rent), their new account is easy for them to access online, they earn great interest, and there’s no minimum balance or fees to contend with.
Use Case

Money-Management Applications

If you offer your customers advice and tools for managing their money, this is the API for you. With the Bank Account Starter API, your customers can take immediate action on their new money-management plans. They’ll feel financial freedom in just three easy steps, as you encourage your users to save, show them how much they can save, and then give them a smart place to do it.
Use Case

Easy Direct Deposit

Imagine you’ve just hired the perfect candidate to fill that critical role. Now comes the fun part: paperwork. While we can’t automate it all for you (yet), we can take the direct deposit headache off your plate. The Bank Account Starter API gives you an easy way to help employees sign up for a new savings account without the need for a check. Plus, you get all of the info you need to check the box on direct deposit.

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