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Bank Account Starter

Give customers instant access to a new Capital One savings or CD account.

Bank Account Starter lets you customers securely open a Capital One 360 Savings or CD account with no fees or minimums—all without leaving your site.

Key Features

Product Retrieval

Give customers a full list of all supported deposit products, their product IDs and details for specific accounts.

Simple Applications

Submit applications for Capital One savings or CD accounts while providing the ability to fund it instantly with ACH.

Account Types

Customers can apply for an individual account or a joint account with up to two applicants.

Out of Wallet Questions

Get secondary validation for users whose identity needs additional verification with Capital One's out-of-wallet capabilities.

Customized Formatting

Fully control how the application is presented through your platform.

Application Management

Quickly find and manage detailed information about any application.


Use Case

Wedding Registries

With a Bank Account Starter API, newly-married couples can open a Capital One account from their registry page to accept monetary gifts directly and securely.


Use Case

Money-Management Applications

Already delivering sound money management advice and tools to your customers? Help them take the next step toward financial freedom by offering our Bank Account Starter API.


Use Case

Direct Deposit

Bank Account Starter can help new hires skip the paperwork and sign up for direct deposit quickly—no voided check needed, and no headache.

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