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Capital One’s Confyrm enables businesses to seamlessly provide trusted account on-boarding and reduce fraud associated with rogue or non-verified accounts. These products leverage both Capital One’s existing trusted customer accounts as well as it’s comprehensive secure identity verification tools and processes for non-Capital One users.
Business Solutions
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Provides a nearly real-time, consolidated view of the health of the entire delivery pipeline from build to test to deploy.
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Cloud Custodian

Manage your AWS Fleet with our rules engine that lets you define policies for a well-managed cloud infrastructure thatʼs both secure and cost-optimized.
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Critical Stack

Move as quickly as technology innovates by solving the security and configuration challenges that bottleneck deployment and maintenance of enterprise apps.
API Solutions
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Bank Account Starter

Give your customers the ability to securely open a Capital One 360 Savings, 360 Money Market or 360 CD account, without ever leaving your site, with no fees, minimums, and catches.
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Credit Offers

Returns a personalized list of Capital One credit card offers in under 60 seconds based on just a few pieces of personal information.
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Customer Transactions

Allow your customers to securely integrate their Capital One credit card, bank account, and auto loan transaction data into your application.
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Money Movement

This mock service experimental API simulates the ability to transfer funds between Capital One bank accounts and linked accounts at other banks.
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Virtual Card Numbers

This experimental API helps eliminate declined payment transactions resulting from card reissuance, by creating virtual credit card numbers for your Capital One customers.

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