Putting the “tech” in “Technically, it’s a Bank”

We sat down with 3 of our engineering experts to show you what’s technically possible at Capital One

Yes, we’re a bank!  We’re pretty proud of that. But don’t let that conjure up images of legacy applications and server farms. Behind our banking websites and apps is a modern tech infrastructure that’s putting the “tech” in “technically, it’s a bank.” Don’t take our word for it, take Topo, Raji, and Sam’s. We sat down with these three associates to get a feel for what brought them to Capital One and what they’ve built since joining. In their own words.

Topo created an open source dashboard used by 160 companies. And he did it at Capital One.

Since launching in 2015 this open source DevOps dashboard has taken off - with over 3.2k stars and 1.6k forks on GitHub. And it all started as an internal tool by Capital One’s Topo Pal. We asked Topo a couple questions about his work at Capital One.


Open source means that you have a source code used to build software that is open to the public. But today, open source means more than that. It's not just about the source code, it's the culture of collaboration. That collaboration actually creates better software that is open to the public, that you can freely use, you can freely contribute to, and that's kind of the essence of open source culture.-Topo Pal
Topo, in a grey shirt, against a blue background, caption at the bottom says "Yeah. Technically, it's a bank."

You might not expect chaos engineering from a bank. But then again, chaos engineering is all about the unexpected.

Raji Chockaiyan has been at the forefront of our work on developing cutting edge DevOps processes here at Capital One. From creating tools for chaos engineering, secret management, CICD pipeline orchestration, infrastructure provisioning and engineering excellence she’s rethinking what it means to build software for enterprise developers. Remember her name - you’re going to be hearing more about her work in chaos engineering in 2020.


The impact of my work in Capital One is the fastest, the quickest, delivery to market. Because if you don't have the right tools, you will take longer to deliver the business capabilities to your customers. My work enables that speed and enables our developers to deliver quicker.-Raji Chockaiyan
Raji, in a red blouse against a blue background, with the caption "Technically. Yes, the bank."

What’s a Google Developer expert for Android and Kotlin doing at a “credit card company?” Just ask Sam Edwards.

It takes a lot of technical expertise to build the Android apps that millions of people rely on to access their banking and financial information. Sam Edwards is one of the engineers bringing that expertise to our flagship mobile application. Aside from his deep knowledge of Kotlin and Android development, he’s also an adept handstand practitioner. No, really.


Using your mobile app to bank in the comfort of your own home, or your car where you're waiting for your kids to pick them up from soccer practice, is really helpful because we all need to save time and we all want a great experience. At Capital One we use Kotlin on our Android apps because it's just a really great programming language to work in because it helps us build a secure, helpful experience for you.-Sam Edwards
Sam, in a grey polo against a blue background, with the caption, "I'm a Google Developer Expert"

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