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Forrester Reveals New Insights on Decentralized Digital Identity

Forrester says 74% of Companies Are Likely to Outsource Identity Verification to Third-Parties Such as Financial Firms

It is time to challenge how we think about identity so we can make a difference for the consumer and introduce better digital experiences.

Capital One recently commissioned research led by Forrester Consulting to assess how companies, across a range of industries in the US, are exploring ways to address identity verification.  It tested the hypothesis that businesses are challenged with the complex and invasive nature of identity verification. Verification is good for business, but it must be designed to make the experience safe, trusted, and manageable for the consumer. The study, featuring perspectives from 256 US senior technology and business leaders, found that “74% of companies say it is very or extremely likely that firms will outsource identity verification to third parties such as financial firms in the future.”

We invite you to read the full study, Embrace Decentralized Digital Identity to Improve Customer Experience and Reduce Risk to see how companies are looking to trusted third parties to handle identity verification. In addition, you will learn more about the opportunity for “trusted third parties” to deliver better identity solutions for companies to reduce fraud and risk while simultaneously improving customer experience and trust.  

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