July 15-18, 2019, in Portland, OR

We'll Be There, Will You?
Capital One is proud to be returning to OSCON, the largest event dedicated to open source in the US, to join the tech community in celebrating, educating, and learning about ground-breaking collaborative software.
Who You’ll Hear From
Jagadesh Gadiyaram
Head of Open Source at Capital One
Jag leads a team tasked with the goal of making a positive impact on our developers and the external open source community through structured adoption, contribution and release of open source software.
Jimmy Ray
Lead Software Engineer
Jimmy is a Cloud Engineer with Capital One, and technical lead on the Enterprise Kubernetes Platform Team. The majority of his 20+ years in IT has been spent developing software and architecting enterprise solutions.
Niraj Tank
Senior Manager, Software Engineering
Niraj has been an engineer for the past 21 years, and his diverse experience ranges from developing products for startups to leading various large-scale integration services.
Sumrit Daryani
Manager, Software Engineering
Sumit works on a real-time machine learning decision platform to protect its banking platform and foster quick decisions to support the fraud strategy.
Harikrishnan Narasiman
Senior Software Engineering
Harikrishnan is a senior DevOps engineer on a tools team that enables development to be autonomous with software deliveries in the cloud. He builds robust delivery pipelines and tools to ship product faster and with high quality in the cloud.