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Conferences are going virtual, and what’s a good conference without some good swag right?

While we’d prefer to hand you something cool in person, virtual times call for virtual measures. We hope you enjoy this virtual gift. Aaron Draplin and Timothy Goodman have whipped up some fresh new backgrounds for us to share with you all. Download them and use them as backgrounds in your next video conference call. Because let’s be real, Barbara—you’re not fooling anybody with that epic Tahitian sunset background.

Untitled illustration by Timothy Goodman

Untitled illustration by Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman

Timothy Goodman is a designer, illustrator, muralist and author. His Grandma calls him an artist. His art and words have populated walls, buildings, packaging, cars, people, shoes, clothing, book jackets, magazine covers and galleries all over the world. He has received awards from most major design & illustration publications and he teaches at SVA in NYC. 

Click here to download an Untitled work by Timothy Goodman.

The Great Indoors by Aaron Draplin

The Great Indoors by Aaron Draplin

Aaron Draplin

Aaron grew up on a steady stream of Lego, Star Wars, family trips, little sisters, summer beach fun, stitches, fall foliage, drawing, skateboarding and snowboarding, at 19 he moved west to Bend, Oregon. He worked in and around the snowboard industry for a number of years before stepping out on his own in 2004, launching the Draplin Design Company. He’s been fiercely independent since then, and isn’t going back anytime soon. He now lives and works out of a backyard shop in an undisclosed location on the mean streets of Portland, Oregon.

Click here to download The Great Indoors by Aaron Draplin.

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