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Trust us - we know big data. We went all in on the public cloud years ago and have developed in-house tools that put our cloud technology to work to deliver exceptional banking experiences.

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Our cloud priorities at Capital One

Cloud-first since 2016

As one of the first large enterprises to move entirely to the public cloud, we’ve invested in our in-house cloud software tech for almost a decade and continue to build at the cutting edge of cloud technology. Our use of the most advanced cloud services enables our developers to focus less on managing infrastructure and more on building great applications, data products, and machine learning solutions for customers and our business.

Advanced cloud solutions

Our technologists develop cloud-native tools with partners like Snowflake and AWS to help businesses transition to and operate within the cloud.

Embracing innovation

We strive to be a leader at the intersection of finance and technology by creating products and solutions that push the limits of what’s possible.

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Will Meyer

SVP, Software Engineering, Cloud & Connectivity
“The cloud is ours to shape as much as it is ours to consume… As long as the industry continues to move forward together… businesses like ours will be able to continue accelerating innovation and unlocking new value for customers.”

George Mao

Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Bank Architecture
“When we made the decision to go all-in with cloud technology, there were still plenty of skeptics. Nearly a decade in, Capital One is defining technological innovation in the world of finance… we're among the handful of companies that have developed true digital assistants powered by artificial intelligence.”

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