Featured Technology Case Studies by Capital One

Microsoft and Capital One Fight Fraud in Real Time

See how Microsoft used our Enhanced Decisioning Data API to improve fraud protection and decrease false positive declines by 45%.

Featured Case Studies

Customer Transactions API

With a single developer and a fixed timeline, Xero leveraged our Customer Transactions API to bring stability, security, and transparency to small business owners.

Credit Offers API

Read how Bankrate exapnded the benefits of Credit Offers by integrating the API with its network of sites.

Rewards API

A leader in loyalty account and travel plan tracking, see how AwardWallet used our Rewards API to help their users manage their Capital One rewards balance information.

Case Study

Credit Sesame and Capital One's Credit Offers API

Credit Sesame easily integrated with the Credit Offers API to give users personalized credit card options and recommendations that help them make the best choice for them — all without affecting their credit score.