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Technology is central to our business strategy. We’re using real-time data at scale, AI and machine learning, and the power of the cloud to solve challenging industry problems and build products, services, and experiences that can make a real difference in millions of peoples’ lives.

12,000+ in-house technologists working in software development, infrastructure & operations, machine learning and data science, data engineering, and cybersecurity are harnessing the power of the public cloud to deliver top notch customer experiences. With our extensive technology experience, we are building, using and selling leading-edge technology that makes our products easy to build and easy to enjoy.

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Our blog is written by real Capital One employees working in software development, infrastructure and operations, machine learning, data science, data engineering and cybersecurity. Explore to read about their career experiences, industy insights and the newest technologies they're using at Capital One. 

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Using technology to improve experiences for millions of customers

The tools, products and solutions our technologists create are helping businesses solve complex problems and better serve their customers.

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