1. What is Mobile Deposit? It's a secure way to deposit checks anytime anywhere from your smartphone within the United States. You can skip the trip to the branch or ATM, and make deposits on the go or from the comfort of your home.

    Need help? Check out our demo.

    Check with your cell service provider about any fees they may charge.

  2. Is Mobile Deposit secure? We protect all information you send us with device recognition technology and mobile banking data encryption. For your security, we never store your passwords or check deposit data and images on your mobile device.

  3. Are Mobile Deposits FDIC insured? All Mobile Deposits that are accepted by us are FDIC insured up to the same amount as any other deposit into your account. There's nothing more important to us than keeping your money safe.

    Get all the facts at http://www.capitalone.com/bank/fdic/.

  4. What do I need to use Mobile Deposit?

    • A Capital One Bank eligible checking, savings, or money market account in good standing.
    • An Android running 2.3 or later or an iPhone running iOS 5.1 or later, with a camera.
    • The Capital One® app. Download for iPhone or Android.
  5. Can I deposit any check with Mobile Deposit? We generally accept U.S. personal, business, and government checks. But there are some exceptions, so make sure to check out our Terms & Conditions for a complete list.

    A few examples of deposits we don't accept include:

    • Checks made payable to anyone other than yourself and any joint account holders.
    • Checks that are more than six months old, postdated, or not dated.
    • Checks payable to “Cash.”
    • Money orders and traveler’s checks.
    • Foreign checks.

    To deposit these items, visit one of our branches or ATMs.

  6. How do I deposit a check with my phone? Depositing your check is easy. Sign in to the Capital One® app, then follow these steps:

    • Touch the "Capital One Bank" tab.
    • Touch the 'Mobile Deposit' tab in the left menu.
    • Select the account and enter the deposit amount (include an optional memo for your personal reference if you want).
    • Snap a picture of the front and back of your check.
    • Confirm the deposit.

    That's it. Still need help? Check out our demo.

    Note: Information you enter in the “Memo” field will appear on the status update emails you’ll receive after submitting your mobile deposit. Be sure to not include any sensitive personal, financial or other confidential information like your Social Security Number in the Mobile Deposit “Memo” field.

  7. Are there any fees? No, Mobile Deposit is a no charge service which allows you to deposit checks into your Capital One Bank eligible checking, savings, and money market accounts without trips to the branch or ATM.

  8. Is there a deposit limit for Mobile Deposit? You can make as many deposits as you want, but there is a limit on the amount you can deposit with your mobile phone on any given day. When you go to enter your check, the app will show you the maximum amount you can deposit. If you need to deposit an amount that's more than the limit, visit one of our branches or ATMs.

  9. How soon can I use the funds I deposit with my phone? If your deposit was submitted on or before the business day cutoff (9:00 PM ET), your funds are generally available by the next business day.

    You'll get a confirmation email once the check deposit process has begun. After we review your check and deposit it to your account, we’ll let you know when your check has been successfully deposited into your account. The funds will be generally available the next business day.

    Sometimes, we might place an extended hold on your deposited funds. If we do, we'll send you a letter letting you know when to expect your funds to be available for withdrawal.

  10. What happens if I make a mistake? No problem, mistakes happen. If the amount you enter is different from the one on the check, we'll adjust the amount and let you know of any changes by email.

    If you deposit your check to the wrong account, just wait until your deposit becomes available. You can then transfer the money into the account you want.

  11. How will I know my deposit image went through? A message in the app will tell you that your check image was submitted successfully. We’ll then confirm by email that we received your deposit. If you make your deposit before 9 PM ET, your deposit will appear in your transaction history the next business day. If not it will appear in two business days.

  12. Why was my deposit rejected? There are a few reasons why we might need you to submit your deposit again. Here are a few examples:

    • We can’t read the check.
    • The corners of the check are cut off.
    • The image is too light or too dark.
    • Information on the check is unclear.
    • The check is missing your endorsement.

    You can do the following to make sure your check image is accepted:

    • On the back of the check:
      • Include your signature.
      • Write "For Deposit Only to Capital One Bank."
    • Hold phone flat above check and make sure the check is in focus.
    • Flatten the check to get rid of wrinkles.
    • Place it on a dark, non-reflective background in a well-lit area.
    • Ensure the image isn’t too small.
  13. My smartphone is working fine, so why am I getting the error message, “There's a problem connecting. Check your network and try again, or visit your nearest Capital One Bank Branch or ATM to make a deposit”? This can happen if your smartphone has a weak Internet or data connection. Try again in a few minutes and see if this helps. If you continue to have problems, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-442-3764.

  14. What should I do with my check after I make a Mobile Deposit? Hang on to your check in a safe location until you get a confirmation email that the deposit has posted to your account. Once you do, make sure to destroy the check immediately by shredding it or using another secure method.

  15. Who can I call if I have more questions or concerns about Mobile Deposit? Please call us at 1-877-442-3764 for assistance.