If you want to add or change beneficiary(ies) on your savings account(s) or checking account(s), follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to capitalone.com and select the Capital One bank account you want to manage beneficiaries for.
  2. Select the "Account Services & Settings" menu and then choose "Manage Beneficiaries" in the "Account Management" section.
  3. Add, edit or remove beneficiaries as necessary from each of your accounts. Customers residing in the states of New York or Louisiana can view existing beneficiaries, but must submit a notarized form to make any changes.


  1. Download this form.
  2. You can type in your beneficiary(ies)' personal information before printing the form (preferred) or handwrite all information.
  3. Complete all sections of the form in entirety, ensuring handwriting is clear and legible.
  4. Take the form to a Notary to obtain a notarized signature. If you are a resident of Louisiana, you will also need two witness signatures.
  5. Once the form is complete and notarized, fax the document to us at (888) 464-3220 or mail it to PO Box 60 St Cloud, MN 56302-0060.
  6. You’ll receive a notification when your requested change(s) have been successfully applied.

Does Capital One 360 allow beneficiaries?
Yes! If you have a Capital One Bank account, you can designate up to 10 Payable on Death (POD) beneficiaries on most types of deposit accounts. Beneficiaries must be individuals with a valid Tax ID, date of birth and physical address within the United States.

Designating a POD beneficiary to your bank account(s) helps in planning for the future and can increase your FDIC coverage for deposit accounts. For more information on FDIC coverage, click here.

Are Payable on Death accounts subject to probate?
POD accounts (those with Payable on Death beneficiaries designated) typically are not subject to probate. For specific questions about the probate process and estate planning, you should consult a financial adviser.

Is Payable on Death the same as beneficiary?
A bank account with designated POD beneficiaries is an arrangement between a bank and an account owner(s) that allows beneficiaries to receive the funds in the account(s) when the all owners pass away. Capital One Bank gives customers the ability to designate up to 10 individuals as POD beneficiaries on most types of deposit accounts.