If you choose Free Savings Transfer as your overdraft protection option, we’ll withdraw money automatically from a designated Savings account when transactions cause your 360 Checking/Total Control Checking balance to dip below $0.

  • When one or more transactions take your 360 Checking/Total Control Checking balance below $0 and you have enough money in your savings to cover it, we’ll just transfer over the total amount needed at the end of the day.
  • There are no charges or fees for using Free Savings Transfer.
  • If a transaction exceeds the amount you have available in your designated savings account, it’ll just be declined.
  • Your savings account has a limit of 6 withdrawals per month (it's a federal regulation). Keep in mind, consistently exceeding 6 withdrawals per month could result in your account closing.
  • You can only choose one savings account as your overdraft protection, but can change at anytime.