Last Minute Gifts for the 5 People on All of Our Lists

Posted on December 20, 2016

This holiday season, gift a little personalized love to the characters in your life without breaking the bank.

The Work Spouse

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They’re the glue that gets you through the work day. Here are a few ideas to help you remind them that you’re in it together.

  • Deskorations. Anyone can put up pics of the fam, but page 22 of that presentation you both slaved over to convince your boss to convince her boss to fund your make-or-break 6-month project? That’s a framer.
  • Endless Internet Rabbit Holes. Whether you’re the “Monday Morning QB” kind of couple or you spend hours diving into #WhatShouldWeCallMe, there’s no such thing as too much of your favorite time suck well spent on the internet. Compile a list of links or, better yet, create your own curated “newsletter.” Subscribers: 1.
  • Whatever your I-need-a-break-immediately stress reliever is, (Coffee? Gum? Happy hour?) get them more of that.

The Workout Buddy

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They’ve seen you sweat, they’ve seen you cry, they’ve literally felt your pain. You might have met at the gym, but they’re the reason you always go back. Here are a few ways to give some motivation back to the one who motivates you:

  • Fancy baby wipes. Preferrably in the latest fruit variety. Who wouldn’t want to wipe down with a refreshing pomegranate cleanser as you bounce from barre to bar?
  • Spandex leggings. Nothing like some skin-tight unforgiveness to keep your gym game primed.
  • One word: Mixtape.

The Techie

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You may not have a subscription to Next Gadget Daily,* but you can still gift your techie buddy something to spark their interest.

  • Chargers. Since you can never find them, you can never have too many.
  • A month’s supply of chips and soda. Because The Next Big Thing is always coming—might as help your techies prepare for the four weeks they’ll spend inside mastering it.
  • The latest voice-controlled virtual assistant. Moving to do anything you can ask a device to do for you is really pointless.

*not a real publication, shockingly

The Proud Pet Parent

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Everyone has a friend who spends more on pet food than they do on people food. Consider one of these animal accessories for your friend’s best friend.

  • Cat: A four-story deluxe living-room takeover kitty scratch hotel, complete with stuffed mice.
  • Fish: A 65-gallon saltwater Caribbean Paradise customized tank.
  • Dog: Poop bags.

The Foodie

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You can’t pronounce what they had for lunch, but you definitely saw it on Instagram. Show your foodie fanatic friend how much you support their passion with one of these:

  • Anything copper. Foodies love copper.
  • One pound of daikon radishes. They’re offbeat enough to be cool, but still taste like radishes. Gauntlet. Thrown.
  • [Insert name of quirky celebrity chef here] … in whatever form you can.

No matter what your family or friends are passionate about, you can always find creative ways to get them a gift they’ll love while staying within budget – even if you’re up against the clock. Do a little research, get ideas from their closest friends and, most importantly, try to have some fun!

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Colleen Krieger, Senior Manager, Brand
Colleen Krieger is Senior Manager of Digital Brand Strategy at Capital One.

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