12 new ways to entertain yourself this year

Check out this list of new adventures to try each month.

Ready to get the new year in gear? Don’t stress over quick-fix resolutions that could leave you less than completely satisfied. How about a long-term goal to do something new each month?

Sounds achievable enough, right?

Here are some ideas to get you started:


In celebration of National Hobby Month, learn something new that’ll serve you joy all year long.

Hit up the craft store. Take a chance on indoor rock climbing. Join a community sports league.

Hike. Ride. Knit. Write. Whatever strikes you.

If you already have a hobby you love, do more of it. If you’re trying to find a new passion, do some research and give it a test drive. You just might find your next favorite way to spend your free time.

Or a really fun way to make some money on the side.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year. Opt out of expected romantic gestures and hang out with a bunch of strangers doing something you all love.

There are already thousands of established meet-up groups in almost every city. All you have to do is search for something that speaks to you and show up. Can’t find one you like? Start your own and find other people with similar interests.    

Either way, do yourself a solid and try something different for Valentine’s Day this year.


Spring is almost in full swing. So take advantage of climbing temperatures, and enjoy the great outdoors at a baseball game. Spring training usually offers all the benefits of a good, old-fashioned ball game with a more attractive ticket price. You still get the hot dogs and beer without the fear of breaking the bank.


April showers bring plenty of opportunities to do things both inside and out.

Fresh spring air and soil are primed for gardening. So set the rest of your year up for culinary success by growing your own food. Make it a family affair, and teach the kids to tend a garden. Don’t own your own green space? Seek out some in a community garden, and learn from others.

Ready to switch up your date night go-to spots? Check out a poetry slam. Or leave your winter blues behind, and laugh it up with some live comedy.

Whether your favorite comic is in town or you check out a local coffee shop, trade in dinner and a movie for some in-your-face, live entertainment.


Fire up the coals and start BBQ season off right. Invite the whole ’hood over for some brews and grilled food. Use your fave homemade sauce, or say “game on” when you call it a grill-off!

Invite all styles of BBQ to the tournament, and crown the queen or king with a prize. If it’s a hit, you could have your block’s next favorite annual event.


Maybe your favorite band is on tour. Or maybe someone you’ve never heard about is playing in your town. Or maybe you have a music festival coming through, complete with artists from all genres. Whatever you prefer, find a show and go. Rock on!


Sprinklers, pools and beaches have a special place in summertime. But why not beat the heat with a day at a water park? Zipping and slipping down twisty slides or just cruising in a lazy river—pick your position in the sun and have fun!

You can usually find weekday deals during the summer months, and annual passes will just keep on giving.


Be spontaneous on a tankful. No need to jump on a plane to enjoy summer vacation. Map out a tank of gas from your home in every direction—however many miles that might be. Do some research, and promise yourself only a tank each way. See where your ride takes you.


Donate your time to a cause you care about. Of course, some people are able to do this all year long. But busy schedules can make it difficult to give back as much as you’d like.

This month, make it a point to spend at least one day doing good for others in need. Find a cause that inspires you or something you can relate to personally, and ask how to volunteer your time.  


There’s already so much Halloween fun starting up in the season by now. You’re concepting your costumes. Spookifying your décor. Throwing a Halloween block party, even?

You know the sweets are coming. So why not balance the scale and run (or walk) a race with your friends or coworkers? Make even more of your run by doing it for charity. The feasts are coming up quickly, so what better time than now to start feeling fit, right?


Take some “you time.” With the holidays underway and so many family activities to do in November, it’s hard to get a moment to yourself. This month, make it a point to take a time-out every once in a while, and just be with yourself. Read a book. Practice yoga. Go for a run. Sit in a quiet place and breathe, or just take a nap.

You deserve it.


Declutter your life. Now, this might sound like a slightly daunting task to take on during the busiest time of year. But what better time is there to donate your unwanted things than the holidays?

With some thoughtful planning and scheduling along with good organization skills, you can spend an entire month slowly getting rid of the things that no longer serve you. Take it a step further and feng shui your home to start the new year off in harmony and with a lot less stuff.


Whether you use these ideas as prescriptions or inspirations, spend the rest of the year doing whatever brings you joy. Learn something new. Turn an interest into a hobby. Turn a hobby into a business. Throw a party. Do more to help others. If you already do too much, do less and relax.

Just do you! You’ll thank yourself later.

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