How to plan the perfect girls’ mexican fiesta night in

Louise Roe’s top tips for a festive gathering.

You guys know how much I love a relaxing night in. Although I enjoy venturing out every so often for a night on the town, since the weather’s been colder, I’ve been basking in any opportunity to have a fun and festive night at home. I recently had a Mexican-themed dinner party with some of my besties, and wanted to share some tips with you on hosting your own perfect ladies night—without leaving the coziness of your house! Read on for my tips!

Nights like these are a great way to reconnect with friends and use my Capital One Savor card to get rewarded for my dining and grocery store buys.

Start early

Like me, many of my girlfriends are either mums or super busy entrepreneurs—so gone are the days of staying out all night. Now it’s all about an early start (sundowners anyone?) and a reasonably early finish, so that everyone can get their beauty sleep.

Have everything ready to go around 6 p.m. so you get plenty of time to eat and catch up with your girls before everyone heads home.

Pick a classic movie

Since my husband, Mackenzie, normally rolls his eyes whenever I want to watch a “chick flick,” I use these nights with my girls to catch up on classic romantic comedies or dramas that he simply refuses to watch with me. Queue up a movie that you know all your girls love, and laugh (or cry!) your heads off together.

Mexican sips and nibbles

You can’t go wrong with tacos and margaritas, so Mexican food is always a safe bet when you’re hosting a girls’ night. After the dinner, when it’s time to chill and watch the movie, make some Mexican hot chocolate by adding some chili pepper to your favorite mix. It’s an absolute must for cozy nights in. And don’t forget to set out cute plates and pretty flowers to create the mood!


While you’re catching up with each other or watching the movie, do your nails or face masks for some extra pampering. There’s nothing more restorative than chatting with your best friends over some super girly activities. 

What are some of your favorite ways to catch up with your girl gang?

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