How to Host a Winning Football Party

Fall is finally here, and that means football season is in full swing

For some people, it’s simply a great excuse to grab a couple of cold ones with friends. For others, it’s all about showcasing your home-team pride. Wherever your passion for pigskin lands, here are some tips to help you host a fantastic party this football season.

Ready, Set, Decorate

Maybe you have a hometown favorite, or maybe you’re all about supporting your significant other’s dream of an undefeated season. Either way, don’t play favorites when it comes to decor. Set a little something out for everyone to enjoy. Even attendees who aren’t ready to go the whole nine yards will appreciate party hats and face paint. 

Tailgating Favorites

Any football fan will agree that the party starts long before kickoff. And no tailgate is complete without a few barbecue essentials. So fire up the grill and flip a few burgers to start. Level up with gourmet sliders and skewered vegetable kebabs. Feeling saucy? Add some chicken wings. And if your refrigerator is lacking grill-worthy delights, you can’t go wrong with hot dogs. 

Hike it up: If you’re feeling fancy this season, add a smoker to the mix and slow-cook smoked favorites like ribs. 

Sacked With Snacks

Finger foods go a long way at any gathering, and snacks rule the field when it comes to feeding a football-crazed crowd. Fill up a table with fan favorites like mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, potato skins and the rest of your favorite appies. Add some pretzels and other pleasers like jalepeño poppers and watch the fans flock. 

Dipped in the End Zone

You’ve set out the snacks, so all you need to accompany them is some dip. It’s always a coin toss when it comes to ranch or blue cheese. Invite both to the game and let your guests pick their own team. The ever-famous spinach dip in a bread bowl is a tasty way to kick things off. And salsa, queso and chili all keep a crowd fired up through the fourth quarter. So keep plenty of everything on hand. 

Don’t Bench the Dessert

Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with a tasty spread of spirited cupcakes, dressed for the occasion in team colors. Or spruce up your dessert tray with a football cake. Be sure to include something for more savory palates, too, like a football stadium made of fruit (or any other not-so-sweet snack)!

Thirst-Quenching Touchdowns

What good would a game be without some craft brews and a variety of bottled fan favorites? Set out an ice-cold spread that’s sure to please by including gluten-free ciders and nonalcoholic thirst quenchers, too. If you’re feeling extra-festive, create a signature game-day cocktail to serve your thirsty guests.

Hike it up: Have a passion for home brewing? Tap a keg of your favorite new brew to get things started!

Game On

The game on TV doesn’t have to be the only one played. Huddle up for a few rounds of cornhole or gather round for some ring toss. Get the whole party involved in a football-themed scavenger hunt, or set up a bingo board that matches ads seen during the commercial breaks. And don’t leave all the fun to adults. Even the kids will love a game of mascot matchup

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