5 cities with unique shopping experiences

From modern to classical—and everything in between—these locations offer something for everyone.

When it comes to cities that offer amazing life experiences, the world is full of them. Here, you'll find 5 destinations that offer an entirely unique shopping adventure. Hopefully, you'll discover one that's tailored to your style, and with the perfect memento to bring home.

1. Dubai: A modern city of gold

This is the perfect destination for people who like to live large and dream even bigger. You can spend several days at the Mall of the Emirates. Why? Simply because it's one of the biggest malls in the world, boasting more than 630 retail outlets, 80 luxury stores, 250 flagship stores, 100 restaurants, dozens of entertainment venues and 7,900 parking spaces. Don't forget where you parked.

Of course, if you're feeling adventurous, you can also hit the slopes at Ski Dubai, a massive indoor snow park. And conveniently, it’s located right inside the mall.

2. Tokyo: A tech-pop-fashion playground

The city's high-tech electronics, trendy fashions and pop art fuse with traditional Japanese culture to create an experience like no other. With multiple shopping districts, each featuring a distinct style, it's the perfect destination for people who like to move as fast as the ever-changing trends. From Shinjuku, one of the largest shopping and entertainment districts, to Shibuya, the height of youth pop styles, and many others in between, there's literally something for everyone.

For techies and manga fans, head straight for the famous Akihabara district. It boasts hundreds of electronics shops with pretty much every gadget and device imaginable. The area has also become the center of gaming and anime culture—all words that carry serious meaning to diehard fans.

3. Rome: Where window shopping meets ancient ruins

There's something electrifying about window shopping at a high-end fashion boutique that's across the street from an iconic landmark like the Spanish Steps.

When it comes to Rome, that's the way it works. Mixed in with the city's breathtaking ancient monuments is a wonderland that's equal parts haute couture clothiers and artisan-crafted souvenirs.

When in Rome, shop like the Romans do and head up north of the Vatican to the Prati neighborhood. It's home to the Via Cola di Rienzo, which has the same types of boutiques and vendors found in the heart of the city, but with far fewer tourists.

4. Buenos Aires: The city of “good air” and great destinations

With a history of fierce independence and pride, it's no surprise that Buenos Aires offers a high-energy experience that's all its own. The Recoleta area is the home of high-end fashion and retail stores that rival any location in Europe. But just a few kilometers away is the San Telmo flea market, a haggler's dream, where great deals on handmade goods can be found easily and often.

One thing you’ll quickly notice around the city is the abundance of leather shops. That's because Argentinian “cuero” is considered some of the finest in the world. If you're a lover of leather bags, clothes and/or accessories, head to Murillo Street, which is lined with shops devoted to the trade.

5. Moscow: Shopping as eclectic as the city's history

Like the city's streets, Moscow's shopping scene can feel like a walk back in time, but with exciting new experiences around every corner. Lively street and flea markets, like Vernissage at Izmailovo, welcome you in with bargains on a wide range of souvenirs and accessories. A block away, you're just as likely to find a row of designer brand boutiques. One thing you'll never have to worry about in Moscow is a lack of variety, and the eclectic adventures can be practically never-ending.

As for that back-in-time feeling, be sure to stop by the world-famous GUM department store. Built in 1893, it's a callback to a classic era of shopping before modern retail became the norm.

Cash or credit? Probably both.

First things first. If you're buying something from a bazaar or street vendor, you may need cash in hand. In some cases, getting money from an ATM will give you the best exchange rate, but be sure to check with your bank to find out its specific policy.

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