All-Out Takeout With Whitney Port

Turn your takeout into a true fine-dining experience with Whitney Port’s tips for elevating the everyday

Capital One wants to help you “Elevate the Everyday” so you can do more of what you enjoy doing—even when you’re spending more time at home. We’re bringing you personal hacks, tips and tricks for all the things you love doing—all brought to you by professional tastemakers and trendsetters.   

For this Capital One series, blogger, entrepreneur and lifestyle influencer Whitney Port shares ways to turn to-go food a fine-dining experience. Ordering out doesn’t have to mean eating with plastic utensils and out of cardboard boxes. Simple tricks—like adding salt and pepper shakers or taking the time to plate the food—can give you a fine-dining experience from the comfort of your home.

From choosing dinner and dessert to picking the perfect table setting, Whitney’s recipe for elevated takeout is one to try. Follow along with her tips below and you’ll find yourself doing more of what you love.    

Whitney Port elevates the everyday with her All-Out Takeout tips.

Whitney Port’s All-Out Takeout Tips:

Tip #1: Try someplace new. Just because you can’t eat out doesn’t mean you can’t try the newest dinner spot.

Tip #2: Make your own floral arrangements. Get the tightest flower buds at the supermarket—those are the freshest and will last the longest. If you don’t have flowers, greenery is just as good, and you can find it right outside your home. 

Tip #3: Use your salt and pepper shakers. Shakers on the table can make dining at home feel more like dining at a restaurant.

Tip #4: Whether you normally eat in the breakfast nook, at the counter or on the couch in front of the TV, switch it up and move to someplace new, like the formal dining room. It’s a quick and easy way to elevate your meal.   

Tip #5: Bust out the nice stuff. Dinner just feels different when the fancy silverware is out. You can also experiment with glassware to make your table setting look more elevated. Even using a water pitcher to serve drinks adds elegance to any meal. 

Tip #6: Plate the food. Live out your 5-star dining dream by arranging your takeout food in the most creative way you can think of. 

Tip #7: Don’t forget dessert. Dessert is the cherry on top of any elevated meal.

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