Alena Maze’s Small Business Picks: Family Finds

The supermom and powerhouse director shares the small businesses she loves for keeping her family happy and healthy

Capital One is proud to support #SmallUnites, a movement designed to rally communities across the country to champion the small businesses they love. Help small businesses thrive in the new normal by shopping this collection of thoughtful gifts for the holidays. You’ll do—and buy—more of what you enjoy, all while supporting the small business community. 

For this Capital One series supporting Small Unites, Alena Maze shares her small business picks for fun with the family.

Known affectionately as “Ma” at home, Maze serves as the director and producer of the wildly popular MAZELEE videos, which boast nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube. She’s part influencer and part mathematician, with a master’s degree in pure mathematics from Georgetown University and current work toward a doctorate in survey methodology. No doubt her kids have plenty of help with their math homework!

Oyin Handmade product line on a table.

Alena Maze’s Small Business Picks:

  • Coquette Kouture: This diversified fashion brand has options upon options. Maze says to come for the tops and shirts, but don’t leave without one of their head wrap/mask sets. 

  • Emerald Gardens Greenhouse: Maze uses these Etsy-sold trees to tie a room together. But the magic doesn’t stop there. She says the service is outstanding, the representatives are knowledgeable and the plants are easy to maintain. 

  • Oyin Handmade: Made in her hometown of Baltimore, this family-owned business has been on Maze’s radar since they were setting up shop at local small business expos. Oyin has since grown, and now they ship their products all over the U.S. The best part—they’re gentle enough to be used on all members of the family from babies to adults.

  • Bino & Fino: This dynamic brother-sister duo is the focus of a series of fun, educational videos. Believing that it’s important to know where you came from in order to get where you want to go, Maze recommends this show for helping teach children about the diverse countries and history of Africa. Definitely pick up their Plush Toys and I Love Africa Poster. Your kids will thank you, Maze says. 

  • Yuba Bikes: According to Maze, these bikes are awesome. Yuba makes quality cargo bikes that are designed to carry more, functioning as tools AND toys. Maze recommends the Spicy Curry Bike for big loads and squirmy kids. Don’t forget to add the Hold On Bars for a better grip.

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