5 bucket-list experiences to use your Venture miles on

Explore some of the countless fun ways to use your rewards.

The time has finally come. You’ve racked up those Capital One Venture card rewards miles, and you’re ready to use them. With so many ways to use your Venture miles, the possibilities for travel can seem endless. 

Here are five fun bucket-list experiences you could use your miles on during your next adventure.

Couple eating breakfast in bed at a hotel.

1. Escape to a glamorous suite

Sometimes on vacation, you want to stay somewhere a little more glamorous than the average inn. And what’s more glamorous than fluffy white bathrobes, Egyptian cotton sheets with thread counts in the thousands and gorgeous views of the ocean, mountains or glittering city skylines? 

Staying in a luxury suite makes for an indulgent romantic getaway with a significant other—or an amazing way to treat yourself. And you can use your Venture miles to “erase” the cost of your stay after you book. You can redeem miles on any travel purchase made on your Venture card within 90 days of the purchase.* The more miles you have saved up, the more upscale your suite could be.

Redeem your Venture miles and let the luxury soak in—literally—in a roomy bathtub scented with floral oils.

Female traveler looking out an airplane window.

2. Fly first class, because you deserve it

Everyone should fly first class at least once. Why? Two words: Leg. Room. Not to mention early boarding, gourmet meals and star treatment. For some, a first-class plane ticket can seem like a luxury. 

Luckily, you can transfer your miles to your choice of more than 15 travel loyalty programs. Airline loyalty rewards can add up to some serious upgrades over time. So stretch those legs, nosh on gourmet food and reap your rewards.

Male train passenger reading and gazing at the passing scenery.

3. See the best of the country by train

Ah, America the beautiful. There’s something so classic about exploring the United States by train. Use your Venture card to purchase train tickets from city to city across the states to see everything Uncle Sam has to offer. 

No matter where you live, there’s probably an itinerary to get you most anywhere, from Philadelphia to Sacramento. Make stops along the way in whichever towns and cities you’re itching to explore. Traveling by train lets you see small towns along your journey that you might otherwise miss. That’s part of what makes it so exciting.

After you channel your inner pioneer, you can redeem miles on any travel purchases made with your Venture card. You could essentially “erase” travel expenses from your trip using your miles.

Dinosaur statue next to a historic Route 66 sign in Arizona.

4. Get your kicks on Route 66

Hit the open road for your own cross-country expedition. Route 66 is a famous road for a reason. With countless diners, dives, quirky landmarks and plenty of Americana, driving down this well-traveled road is a must on your bucket list.

Heading west, Route 66 starts in Chicago and continues through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, ending in sunny Santa Monica, California. This road trip passes through historical landmarks both strange and beautiful, like a gigantic blue whale in Oklahoma or the breathtaking Grand Canyon.

With Venture, you can redeem miles on any travel purchases on your card made within 90 days. That includes car rentals and that luxurious hotel you've been eyeing.

So blast that classic rock, slip on some shades and see where that old dusty road takes you.

Tourist couple taking a selfie in Times Square, New York City.

5. Ride around NYC in a limo

Is there any greater display of success than riding around New York City in a stretch limousine? Of course not! New York traffic really loses its sting when you’re cruising around in style. And with Venture, you can redeem miles on that epic limo ride within 90 days of charging it on your Venture credit card.

Ride it to all the staple NYC tourist attractions—and make sure to score a slice of melty, cheesy goodness before you leave.

Venture can take you there

Whatever your dream travel experience, be it luxurious or off the beaten path, Capital One Venture card rewards can help you get there. There’s a lot of the country to see and so many ways to see it, so start checking things off your bucket list today.

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